Problems in the plumbing system need to be recognized quickly so as to get the same fixed as soon as possible. Timely detection and management of plumbing issues help in further prevention of the damage. Thus you may detect the specific plumbing issues with the help of following ways and means before you call London plumbers.

Slow water pressure

If you notice low water pressure in taps and faucets despite full water supply from the main source, it surely indicates some problem with the working of the plumbing system. Thus you need to get help from the London plumbers immediately. 

Dampness in the walls or other structures

Again it is a clear cut indicative that there is something wrong with the plumbing system installed at your place. Dampness is caused due to constant leakage of water at some point. 

Higher water bills despite lesser usage

If your water bills tend to be higher despite lower usage, it means you need to get some repair work in the plumbing system. The water may be leaking at some point in the plumbing system before reaching the taps or the faucets.

 Foul smell coming from or near the drains

If you notice foul smell coming from or near the drains, it means something has stuck in the drainage system and it is causing clogging therein. You need to get the drains unblocked by the expert professionals. 

Paint peeling off from the walls

In case, you find paint peeling off from the walls at some point in your property, you surely need to check the pipes or the drainage system in the near vicinity. It is because excessive dampness due to leakage may lead to this problem. 

Presence of mould and mildew

Presence of mould and mildew at walls, cabinets or other structures of your property also indicate problems in the plumbing system. Such problems generally arise when water starts seeping through the walls or other structures as a result of leakage. 

Clogged sink pipes or toilets

Clogging in the sink pipes in the kitchen or washroom and in the toilets also alert you about plumbing issues. The drainage pipes of the sinks get stuck with soap, hair and so on. Likewise, toilets may also experience clogging due to presence of some unwanted elements therein.  

By taking note of all these important points, you may surely identify a plumbing issue at your place and get the same fixed immediately.