Not many people know about the large variety of wines that you can find in the Corsica region. Travellers, coming to experience the sea breeze, coasts and soft sun of this region, also get treated to excellent wines. Even though they did not get famous like the other wine types, the reason only is that these are those special editions that are rare to find.

If you love to add up to your wine collection and keep exploring the taste of different wines, you must try the Corsica wine. This mesmerizing island is expanding its wine produce at a large scale and is collaborating with vendors to reach other parts of the world. It comes as good news for wine lovers that they can now source these wines conveniently.

Things You Need To Know

There are many interesting facts associated with Corsica and it’s super delicious wines. Let us dig deeper and find all about it.

  • There are three prime varieties of grapes that people in this region use for their wines. Even though there are thousands of other types, the grapes that go into the wine are rare.
  • The highest number of wine producers is in Patrimonio, as it has the soil that supports grape production. Moreover, the fruit-laden reds and full-bodied grapes found in this region are exclusive. You will not find them in the rest of Corsica.
  • Ajaccio is known for the white wine production using the Ugni blanc grapes, which are the most popular on this island.
  • You can find rich, traditional wines with no blend in this region. But, the option of wine that they make by blending the high-yielding grape variety into it.

Now that you know the facts about these wines, you can identify the authentic bottle from what they have written on the label. To help you a bit more, here are the things that you need to notice while buying the Corsica Wine.

Tips For Buying The Wine Made In Corsica
  • Read the bottle and figure out what information they have put on it. You should check which region of the island it is from.
  • Always make the purchase from a trusted seller. A seller with a high reputation at stake will never compromise the authenticity of the wine. Do the research, and reach out to the seller that brings the best wines to your doorstep.

It might take a little effort but tasting this wonderful wine is all worth it. Go ahead, make the purchase and relish its taste.