Bamboo, a member of the grass family, is more popular as a supporting element in constructions. But it also has a role to play in the clothing industry. This benign natural element is used in the creation of a fabric that is used extensively in fashion and textile applications. Fabrics created out of bamboo are very soft and lustrous with the ability of color variation. This makes it a perfect choice for all sorts of apparels and accessories that are being used these days such as T-shirts, duvets, towels, blankets, and organic bamboo sheets.

What makes the fiber special is its immense natural benefits. Being the fastest growing grass that can grow up to a yard or more in a day, bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources available that can be cultivated quickly. The grass becomes ready to be harvested in a course of 4 years. Also, there is no requirement for replantation after the harvest as it has a vast root that spreads continually, producing new shoots from time to time. Without spending on fertilizers and pesticides or a tractor to prepare the field for another course of the plantation, they will grow again in the natural way.

There is also a mechanical way to create the fabric. The woody regions of the bamboo are crushed and a natural enzyme is used to break the walls of the bamboo into a soft and pulpy mass. The natural fibers can then be combed out manually and spun into yarns. Since the process is quite laborious, not much bamboo fabric is created that way.

The other way of creating bamboo fabric is though a chemical. In this method, the fabric is processed in a closed loop system wherein the chemicals are repeatedly used untill they lose their harmful properties. As a result, they do not cause any harm to the environment.

Now talking about its physical properties, bamboo textiles are far more breathable than any other materials. Other than that, the material is more durable, silky touch, and expensive in appearance. The fact that it is antibacterial in nature makes it stand out against all the other materials that falls in the group.

Laden with all the good qualities, bamboo fabrics are clearly a great choice. You will find many shops that have an exclusive men’s bamboo clothing collection. What’s more is the product is also considered ‘green’ and that gives a heads up to those people who are environmentally conscious. So if you are a person who has been thinking of doing your part to save the ecosystem, this is a great opportunity.