A Greenhouses or conservatory is an excellent addition to any luxurious home. The designer features, transparent glass, and spacious look delight the visitors. A beautiful outdoor experience can be guaranteed to family and friends. A poolside extension or one that nestles close by to nature assures calm and peace. The solarlux conservatories live up to such demanding expectations with great ease. They are a perfect solution for those who seek ventilation, coziness, and relaxation.

  • Conservatories extend the living spaces into the front, side, or backyard garden.
  • They are built using timber, glass, uPVC plastic, and aluminium materials.
  • The winter gardens can be personalised for luxury and architectural elements.
  • Timber fixtures are stylish, but they need oiling, staining, and painting.
  • Toughened and laminated glass is normally inserted into multiple frames.
  • Other features of the construction are foundation, floor, tiling, and designer roofs.
  • Glass canopies, sliding walls, and doors add a touch of glamour and elegance.
  • Vintage and contemporary designs as well as bespoke custom models are popular.

Multiple Uses

  • Solarlux conservatories are an ideal solution for extra sitting room in the house.
  • The well lit space welcomes visitors and hosts like a breath of fresh air.
  • It also functions well as a compact office room or a private study.
  • A spacious winter garden can be transformed into a stylish dining space.
  • The guests can be treated to a quiet, sumptuous, and unforgettable dinner.
  • The roofed spaces are well protected and they can be used by children.
  • The designer quality and transparent look make up an exquisite setting.

Superior Advantages

The winter room is not just for snowy days and winter evenings. There are many benefits of having stylish Solarlux conservatories –

  • Sit back with a book and enjoy a cup of hot tea on rainy afternoon or evening.
  • Soak in all the sunlight and derive maximum benefit from pleasant climate.
  • Stay in close vicinity of nature, and enjoy the pleasures of an outdoor environment.
  • The designer extension is also an excellent place for breathing in some fresh air.
  • Winter gardens with thermal insulation deliver energy efficiency and save power.
  • Luxury additions such as decor and conservatories increase the property’s value.
  • The pool, rocks, and shrubs next to a glazed outdoor room is a picturesque scene.

Health And Climate

As the seasons change, The elegant conservatory also adapts with great ease. The customised rooms have all the trendy design features. Other climate friendly features make these fixtures a valuable investment.

  • Shade – The high quality accessories guarantee enough shade during warm hours. They include sun blinds, pleated or foiled blinds, and awning.
  • Air Conditioning – Unless it gets very hot outside, There is enough shade under the roof. Thermal insulations are very effective in assuring comfort and convenience.
  • Ventilation- The glass sliding doors can be kept open for natural air and sunlight.
  • Ambience – A cosy atmosphere is assured by low voltage lights and a fireplace.
  • Technology – Wind and temperature sensors deliver controlled shade automatically.

Solarlux conservatories offers innovative quality products and they perfectly compliment modern life. You can add them as extensions to kitchens, living rooms, and any other area.