There is nothing better than wrapping a soft, fluffy and warm towel around you the moment you step out of the bath. In fact, if the towel you have on hand is cold, stiff or scratchy it may well ruin your bathing experience totally, and turn what should have been a relaxing, energising or invigorating experience into one that is frustrating and disappointing.

As such, knowing how to care for each and every towel in your home will be extremely important, and will not only make your bathing experience more enjoyable, but will also no doubt ensure that you do not have to go out and buy expensive replacements long before you should really need to.

The first step when looking to keep such items in great condition is to buy quality products in the first place. No matter how soft and luxurious a towel might feel when you first buy it, inferior products will lose that softness very quickly, whilst the best brands will continue to look and feel great for years so long as they are treated in the right way. Before you buy, make sure you check out reviews of the company in question, and even the reviews of specific products they sell to ensure that they will live up to your expectations and their price tag.

With proper care, quality towels can last for a decade, whilst poor quality alternatives or a towel that is not cared for properly may last barely one. The care process will begin right from the moment you buy a towel, and each and every bath towel, hand towel and facecloth should be washed and dried before it is even used to ensure that any finish used on the towel is removed and that your products will therefore be as absorbent as possible right from the very start.

Always wash any towel separately from clothing, and be sure that you do not just them dry completely naturally. Where possible, allow them to dry naturally for a short period before finishing them off in the dryer, making sure they are totally dry before you remove them. This will keep them as soft and indulgent as possible, whilst giving them a good shake once they are removed will help them stay fluffy and keep them fully absorbent for far longer.

Washing towels regularly will be important, and doing so around every three to four days, and using fabric softener as directed every few washes (as opposed to each and every time they are washed), will be the best way to keep them pristine.

By taking the time to choose and buy towels that are of a high quality and caring for them in the correct manner, you will no doubt save a great deal of money in the long run and have a towel that is always as appealing as possible once you step out of the bath or shower. Where possible, hang each towel on a vertical heated towel rail to keep them warm and soft between uses, and remember to wash them regularly (and indeed correctly) to keep them in the perfect condition.

About the Author – Adam Howes is a freelance writer who regularly contributes articles to home and lifestyle companies such as Christy.