Before you choose to erect a fence, there are several factors the homeowner needs to consider. It is important to think about what you want to keep in the yard, such as your children and the family pets, along with what you want to keep out of the yard. Furthermore, consider whether you want the fence to create complete privacy between you and your neighbours. While all fences increase the security level of your home, different types of fences fit naturally with unique architectural styles. Before you have the fence installed, know your property lines. Two popular choices in fencing are Colorbond and Aluminium slat.

Advantages of Colorbond Fencing

When looking for fencing in Joondalup, a popular choice is Colorbond fencing. One of the reasons it is so popular is that homeowners find it available in fourteen different colours, so it is easy to find one that matches the existing home colours. This fence has almost no gaps, so wandering eyes cannot see what is happening in your yard. Homeowners who are looking for a fence with crisp clean lines adore this fencing. Another reason that many homeowners adore this steel fencing is that it helps protect the property in case of a bushfire, as it will not burn. Furthermore, the fencing will not rot, and this fencing is resistant to termites. Almost all homeowners are busy, and the great news is that this style of fencing is almost maintenance free. Homeowners just need to watch the bottom of the fence to make sure that dirt and garden waste do not build up there. Maintaining the beautiful colour of the fence also requires homeowners to hose the fence off occasionally. Homeowners also love this fencing because it is made with 100% recycled materials, and the manufacturing process creates very little waste.

Advantages of Aluminium Slat

Other homeowners prefer Aluminium slat fencing that is available in four different colours. One of the reasons that homeowners love this fencing is the different available styles of installation. For example, homeowners who love a modern look will want to have the fence slats installed horizontally while those who love a traditional look will want to have the slats installed vertically. Homeowners should consider safety when installing aluminium slat fencing in the front of the house so that visibility of the house from the street still occurs. This can easily be accomplished by leaving more room between the slats. Aluminium slat fencing can come with matching gates allowing homeowners to create a beautifully coordinated look. Those residents living in areas with stringent local codes often find that aluminium fences easily surpass code requirements.

The decision is really up to the homeowners to decide what type of fencing they prefer after considering the local codes. One thing that homeowners will want to consider is having the fence professionally installed. This ensures the fence is put up properly and will last for many years.