Curtains and blinds might do more or less the same thing, i.e. dress windows and mitigate the light intake into a room, however they are very different. From an aesthetic viewpoint, the look of a curtain varies significantly from the look of a blind.As a result, when you are decorating your windows you have an important decision to make: curtains or blinds.

Choosing is tricky, and there are various kinds of blinds on offer, from venetian blinds to vertical blinds made to measure. You can get blinds made from wood and blinds made from plastic. Being very general, blinds do tend to look great in modern homes, where sharp, clean lines can enhance the modern or contemporary look.

Curtains, on the other hand are all about texture. Texture can work great in modern and traditional homes, however it is traditional design that tends to have a greater depth of texture. Some rooms are defined by their curtains, which can be brightly coloured or extravagantly floral.

There are also practical things to consider. A drawn curtain tends to look heavy on a window, and obviously occludes all light. Some blinds are more occlusive than others, however when they are closed they tend to look lighter on the window space. Perfect for smaller rooms or modern homes.

All homes are different and so the blinds versus curtain dichotomy is a little false, however that’s not to say there aren’t important differences between each option that need to be considered.