‘Less is more’ is a phrase you will hear almost ubiquitously when renovating a modern home. After all, minimalism now seems to be an enduring fashion trend and one that offers individuals the chance to let their home truly stand out. However, in many rooms, the use of minimalism can leave one feeling rather exposed and far less comfortable, and in turn this style will not be to everyone’s liking, no matter how modern it might make a home appear.

However, whether you love the idea of keeping things simple or thrive amongst clutter, the bathroom will be one room that will indeed benefit greatly from maximising the available space you have. However, this will need to be balanced very effectively, as a bathroom that is left too open may be harder to heat and in turn far less inviting to use on those long, winters nights when a bath or shower should be the most appealing thing in the world.

As such, when it comes to utilising your bathroom space as effectively as possible, there will be a great number of things to bear in mind. In the bathroom, minimalism is not just about keeping up with the latest trends and making the room seem as modern as possible (although this will indeed be the case), but instead it is about making the bathroom as comfortable and as appealing as possible.

Bathrooms are rooms that serve to make us healthier, happier and more relaxed. If there is not enough room to swing a proverbial cat, or indeed even a proverbial mouse, then you will not feel comfortable spending a great deal of time in the room pampering yourself and attending to your personal hygiene. In turn, you are likely to feel less relaxed, spending far less time unwinding and in turn potentially even being less inclined to cleanse yourself as effectively as you could or indeed should.

As such, unlike with certain other rooms in the house, minimalism in the bathroom will bring many very distinct benefits. From recessing the likes of basins and toilets into the wall to ensuring that cabinets and the like are wall-mounted, there will be plenty of ways to increase the amount of space you have available in the bathroom and plenty of luxury bathrooms available online that will allow you to maximise space, style and practicality all at the very same time.

There will be many different shower cubicles that can help you maximise space, and you may even find that combining showers and baths into one unit frees up a great deal of extra room. In larger rooms, heating may be an issue, but the right heated towel rails or even the use of under floor heating should allow you to not only keep the room nice and toasty, but also to keep your towels feeling as luxurious and soft as possible for when you have finished in the bath.

Looking at the right UK bathrooms will allow you to see how you can increase the amount of space in your bathroom at the same time as increasing the opulence of the room. The finishing touch should be lighting that offers optimum flexibility, allowing different options depending on whether you wish to relax or get down to making yourself beautiful.

About the Author – Adam Howes is a freelance writer and blogger. He regularly contributes articles to home and lifestyle sites such as bathandshower.com.