Many businesses have made the mistake of failing to make an informed decision on which cleaning companies to employ and, as a result, discovered just how much of an impact it can have on their business. Outsourcing is a must for today’s SMEs, but with so many different companies to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin. Fortunately there are a series of considerations that can make reaching the ideal choice much easier and more cost effective.

It’s important not to be hasty when choosing when choosing quality cleaning services, and it’s also wise to draw up a shortlist of around four or five potential candidates before coming to a decision. By exercising a little caution, you can find yourself involved in a long-standing and mutually beneficial business relationship. Here are our top three pointers to help you pick the right cleaning partner for your business:

#1 – Look for experience and integrity

Although every company has to start somewhere, experience is an essential factor to consider. A business that has built up a loyal customer network over the years is more likely to deliver good results than a rival that only began their operations recently. Similarly, opting for the cheapest option is rarely the best decision to make, and can lead to poor results that will ultimately reflect badly on your business.

You should talk to each of your candidates in depth about the service that they can provide and what is in place if anything goes wrong. The more enthusiastic, knowledgeable and interested the potential company seems, the bigger the likelihood of a good quality service.

#2 – Read before you sign

You should never sign up any cleaning company before they have paid a site-visit to your business premises. The accuracy of any quote is always likely to be flawed if the person providing the quote has no first-hand experience of the venue, or has just simply given you a ‘ballpark’ figure for cleaning services.

Recommendations from business associates can also be extremely useful. You should never assume that certain services are included in the agreement that you make with office cleaning companies. Without an activity being mentioned in a contract – kitchen cleaning, for instance – you may find such tasks being unfulfilled. You should therefore explicitly express exactly what you would like to see included in the contract before it is drawn up. Never sign anything until you are wholly satisfied with the agreement that has been made with your cleaning contractors.

Short-term contracts can be invaluable when signing up with commercial cleaning companies; otherwise you may find yourself legally obliged to stick with a service that is failing to deliver the required results.

#3 – Can they back up their claims?

The tips on choosing window cleaning companies are similar to those of office cleaning contractors, with a few additions. For instance, it’s vital to establish whether the window cleaning company will offer a year-round service if you require it. Many companies have wrongly assumed that this facility is in place before realising that they don’t operate in the winter months.

References are also indispensable. Online reviews alone however shouldn’t be allowed to influence your decision too much, as these can be dubious. You should also check that both office and window cleaners carry the relevant insurance to cover for accidents and suchlike. Don’t just take their word for it however – ask to see the documentary evidence.

These may seem like ‘common sense’ tips, but when you’re making a business decision you need to ensure that every consideration is taken into account before you sign on the dotted line, even for something as seemingly mundane as cleaning! A quality firm such as Floorbrite will do everything they can to work with you in the initial stages to make sure that you get the service you want and, just as importantly, are paying for. Poor quality ‘fly by night’ cleaning companies won’t, even if their quote seems cheaper initially. Enlist top-quality office and window cleaning companies and you could go on to enjoy a lengthy, mutually beneficial relationship.

AUTHOR BIO: Jimmy O’Brien is a freelance writer specialising in business advice for start-ups and SMEs. He regularly visits websites to research his work, including Floorbrite.