Carpet or rug in any home or office is always the object of interest for anyone who desires to make any interior space attractive. Mats or carpet becomes the perfect tool of floor decoration as well as protection. It covers the cracks or any form of fault line on the floor. For several centuries, people have been in the habit of using these floor covers. Antique carpets had been revealing the culture of the particular time period in the form of designs. Carpets woven from sheep’s wool, goat’s hair and even the silk had been highly expensive and not everyone could buy them. Therefore, carpet manufacturers turned their minds towards plant fibers like sisal, jute, bamboo and even coir which is actually a coconut product. Coir mats or in other words coco mats are quite popular in different parts of the world. It has been seen that every part of coconut serves usefulness to the people. The watery substance in the green coconut forms the perfect drink for people who are thirsty. Dry coconuts are extremely good edible items and add nutritional value too.

The fiber from the husk of the coconut shell is used for the process of softening and stored in the ponds for up to 6 months. Spinning and later on looming makes it suitable for weaving the carpets or mats. Latex backup of the coir mats forms a protective support to not allow it to get damaged by coming in direct contact with the surface of the floors or the walls. Lots of Australian home owners prefer to buy and use Floorspace Coir Mats.  The high quality of the coir fibers used for making the Floorspace coir mats makes them very durable over the long term.  Their coir mats are available at affordable rates that inspire anyone to buy these products.  Installation service offered by Floorspace is offered free of cost which may be on the floor on wall to wall as per the measurements. Anyone can visit their store and buy the product or you can place the order online. Floorspace also offers their mats in a customized form to suit to every buyer, including choosing a particular pattern.

You should consider coir mats for your domestic or office set up due to the following reasons:

  1. Coir mats differ from the rugs or carpets woven from plant fibers, in terms of their water resisting ability. However, it is not preferable to allow the coir mats to remain for long hours outside during the rainy periods.
  2. Like any other natural rugs made from plant fibers, it is eco-friendly in nature and therefore would be suitable for further use even after these rugs are thrown away or disposed in the open environment. On the contrary, when a synthetic rug or carpet becomes worn out with the passage of time and it is thrown away, then it cannot used further for recycling. Harmful gases are generated on burning the synthetic rugs or carpets.
  3. Often, it becomes quite troublesome to use the synthetic rugs or carpets because the synthetic fibers have a tendency to generate static electricity. Therefore, coir mats or any other natural rug becomes highly reliable for using in any interior set up.
  4. The property of absorbing sound by the coir mats makes it perfect for installation in the hall area. These coir mats become functional during the events with large crowds of people by absorbing the sound.
  5. The coir mats act as protective tool in any interior set up under the extremes of climatic conditions as it forms a good insulator.
  6. Maintenance of coir mats is easy and economical. These mats can cope with rough use and occasional vacuum cleaning is enough.