Fake grass or artificial turf is a synthetic surface with the natural and verdant look. The commercial and domestic markets are well served by this excellent fitting. Appearances can be deceptive, and not all manufactured lawn is equal or identical. Consumers who opt for synthetic surfacing have to select the best-looking material in Suffolk Artificial Grass is fabricated and marketed in a very wide range of shades. Although Global organisations have given their stamp of approval, Buyers have to be knowledgeable and alert.

The following qualities in the fake turf guarantee 100% satisfaction and immense benefits –

  • The synthetic material should have a superior look and realistic appearance.
  • It should be wear resistant, and the colour should withstand the tests of time.
  • The quality of rebound and resilience on the surface should be extraordinary.
  • A powerful UV defence feature is essential, and there should be no lead or metal.
  • The turf should be functional all round the year with sufficient drainage.


Nothing can replace real grass as it is natural and reliable beyond a doubt. But fake surfaces also have their utility in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The large-scale manufacture has primarily targeted the sports arenas and playgrounds. Suffolk Artificial Grass suppliers are however licensed to supply for both residential and public properties. The entire range of grass is installed in a customised fashion for specific needs. It saves money and energy afterwards, as the material requires very little maintenance.

The application areas are listed here to illustrate the flexible nature of the plastic turf –


  • Stunning gardens and public landscapes can be created without any disturbance.
  • Green roofs go well with decorative structures, designer facades, and stylish homes.
  • The terraces and roof gardens can be decked up for a breathtaking exterior view.
  • On the ground, The play areas and pool surroundings become safe for children.


  • Interior designers suggest the green turf as an ideal cover for hotel and shop floors.
  • The walls of pool houses and children’s play centres can also be fitted for the green look.
  • Theme parks, party venues, and tourist spots are other suitable places for the turf.
  • Commercial office spaces can be embellished to create serene and inspiring rooms.

What Do Experts Say?

Suffolk Artificial Grass suppliers are experts in manufacturing technology and installation safety. They suggest the following guidelines to interested, but confused, consumers –

  • Look for softest yarn composition in top class range with a height of 40 mm.
  • Choose emerald or olive or a mixture of both for efficient colour retention.
  • Make sure the turf guarantees high UV resistance in variable weather conditions.
  • The plastic surface should deliver a minimum service of 7 to 8 years in the hot sun.

Synthetic turf has moved on from sports arenas to domestic and office spaces. Suffolk Artificial Grass suppliers deliver superior turf with excellent drainage and longevity. The safe material is suitable for both outdoor spaces and indoor properties. The best quality surfacing fixtures have softness, lively green colour, and high resistance to wear and tear.