With all the fireplaces and wood stoves available on the market today, one might have a difficult time choosing the most appropriate one for their home. Whether you prefer to build your own fire, or would rather have warmth at the flip of a switch, the following article will give you some ideas to consider when purchasing a new fireplace or having a new wood stove installed.

Fireplaces and wood stoves have become one of the hottest trends in home building and renovations. Who doesn’t love the idea of sitting by the fire with your loved ones? A fireplace dispenses warmth and comfort, while adding a decorative appeal or romantic element to your favourite room.

Although wood burning stoves and fireplaces remain popular, many home owners are opting for gas burning units. Gas fireplaces have a number of benefits over their wood-burning cousins – they are inexpensive to operate, easy to light and maintain, and they do not throw sparks or smoke. As well, you will not have to chop and stack wood! This is especially important to elderly people and those with physical limitations.

On the other hand, the classic wood burning fireplace should not be dismissed entirely. There is just something wonderful about building and lighting your own fire! Of course, there is more work and general maintenance involved. But if you don’t mind doing an extra bit of work or if you are seeking a more traditional fireplace experience, perhaps a wood burning stove would best meet your needs.

If cost is a consideration for you, you may want to consider a gas burning fireplace. A gas fireplace will cost approximately $0.50 per hour to operate, whereas a wood burning stove using a quality hardwood is likely to cost twice as much. There are also a number of alternatives to burning timber, such as wax/wood logs and pellets.

Coal and oil stoves are also available in many parts of the country. Coal and oil stoves might be of interest to those concerned with power outages, as gas fireplaces will not operate without electricity. If you live in a rural area or in an area particularly affected by storms, perhaps this type of stove would be best for you.