Spills can create a lot of mess. One cannot avoid spills in situations like refueling vehicles or performing maintenance on different types of machinery. A spill mat works as a maintenance blanket in such cases. It is an easy and affordable solution that works as a spill containment by capturing drips and leakages from different machinery, vehicles, containers, etc. These mats are available in other materials like heavy-duty PVC or chemical duty CoolGuard geomembranes, and you can purchase the one fitting the requirements of your applications. 

Purchasing an absorbent mat for your business is an excellent investment. It will help you to create a clean and safe environment for everyone working there. If you use oil, chemicals, or solvents in your workplace, then spills are inevitable. Hence, it is good to take the required precautions by keeping the mats at the correct location.

There are different types of mats, pads, and rolls available for absorbing the spills. While some are for quick cleaning, others are used for a longer duration. You can get semi-permanent and heavy-duty floor application mats that are not meant for one-time use or spill control. You first have to understand your requirements and choose the temporary/permanent option according to your needs.

Choosing the right spill mat

There are different types of absorbent pads available in the market, and you need to choose the right one so that you can get the maximum benefits. You get three basic types of these pads, and each of them works on different fluids- oils, chemicals, and water/watery substances. Each of them is available in different colors so that they can be distinguished easily:-

  • White- for absorbing oil
  • Yellow- for absorbing chemicals
  • Black or grey- for absorbing water and doing general tasks

The white mat

The white oil absorbent mat is made using hydrophobic polymers or cotton fibers. These mats can entirely absorb the spill and change color after the absorption so that anyone would readily know the right time to change the mat.

The yellow mat

These are used for absorbing industrial liquids and chemicals. As they contain hazardous chemicals, it is essential to treat them with care just like you treat the chemical itself.

The black/grey mat

Also known as the maintenance absorbent pads, these are pretty versatile. They can easily mop up spills that are water or solvent-based. It is an excellent option for general industrial usages as they offer more comprehensive solutions.

Each type of absorbent pad comes in different quality and sizes. It means after you have to go through comprehensive choices. Each of those comes in a diverse price range. So fix your budget and then head out to buy; it would help ease your options.