Before you start

It is important that before you start replacing your faucet that you turn off the main water valve so that there will be no water spraying around when you get to it. Moreover, make sure that you get everything you need before so that you can be done quickly with your plumbing issue.

Replacing a ball faucet

Perhaps one of the most common faucets to find in any home are ball faucets; and because they are an older design, it will be inevitable that they start leaking more often. However, fixing them is actually a cinch and it will take some common DIY knowledge to do. But if you notice that even after fixing there is leakage, perhaps it is time to buy a new one.

Replacing a disc faucet

Even though disc faucets are similar to their younger brother ball faucets, they are a bit more complex in nature, but they are also more reliable. However, fixing disc faucets might require a bit more expertise, but with the right tools and when you know what you are doing, it is possible to do it at home on your own.

Replacing a cartridge faucet

You need to be careful when trying to repair cartridge faucets as they can either come with or two handles, and the basic difference is whether you will need to take more parts apart or not. Nevertheless, it is quite easy to fix these models as they are of a more modern design, and they are very reliable. However, be aware that most of the work will be spent on disassembling your faucet; at least for the first time, after that it gets easier with each time.

Replacing a compression faucet

One of the rare faucets with an older design which are prone to a wide range of problems are compression faucets. Unfortunately, as there are many thing which could go wrong, it will require some maintenance, and fixing a compression faucet will mostly end up with replacing the old one, as there is only so much you can do to fix it.

Feeling like a pro

You should never try to fix your plumbing issues without the proper tools, and luckily enough you can find most of your plumbing tools online and you can even find good manuals and instructions on how to use them. Furthermore, when you have the right tools in your hand, it will be easier and less time consuming to fix any kind of plumbing perplex.

Leaks no more

In essence, to replace a leaky faucet, first you need to identify the type, get yourself familiar with how to disassemble it, and then also to put it back together once again. Remember that with the right tools, it will be not only easier, but also safer to work as it will be less plausible to cause damage to your property. Furthermore, do not forget to turn off your water valve, otherwise you will have a lot of cleaning up.