Keeping up morale in the workplace can be tricky, but there are some quick ways to improve in unexpected places: the bathrooms. Take care of your employees’ most basic needs during vulnerable moments.

Following through with details will not only increase morale but also will improve privacy, safety, happiness, productivity and ultimately company sales. Don’t forget that potential clients and customers are likely to utilize the facilities as well. Save everyone’s rear end with these four easy quality assessments.

  • Clean and Tidy

To ensure a safe and comfortable experience, the facilities should be regularly kept up. scrubbed, stocked and aesthetically appealing. Check out nearby cleaning services and arrange for a weekly cleaning crew to service your building. Local cleaning companies will service your organization without requiring a long-term contract for a certain number of cleanings. These routine cleanings will also prevent the spread of germs and resulting sick days.

Outside of weekly professional cleaning, basic restroom upkeep (i.e. stocking and general tidying up) should happen on a daily basis. Keep a quality plunger within view in cases plumbing malfunctions occur. Taking this preventative action will save your employees from potentially embarrassing situations.

Additionally, this courtesy will make a positive impression on future clients or customers who also use the facilities. An unkempt restroom will speak louder than your words ever could about the way your company does business.

  • Quality Paper

When it comes to toilet paper, don’t be a cheapskate. No one likes roughing it with the 1-ply paper that rips easily and sticks in uncomfortable places. Spend the extra few dollars for quality and thickness. People often use less 2-ply tissue paper, further diminishing the price gap.

Either way, you’ll spend approximately $30 on paper per person. Get the best, and people will be happier. Loyalty points are won with small acts of kindness, like quality tissue paper.

  • Install Dividers

Urinating should be a private event, where men feel comfortable and confident. Despite this cultural norm, open walls of urinals still exist in many public restrooms.

Sometimes architects like to get creative and futuristic in their bathroom vision. While outside-the-box thinking helps business, restroom layouts should be traditional. A desire to cut corners and save money is another reason some urinal walls are built without stall dividers.

In a recent online survey, several men indicated an inability to urinate without protective dividers due to anxiety and vulnerability. To maintain the trust and respect of your employees, install quality commercial stall dividers between each urinal.   

  • Avoid Peepholes

Improper installment of urinal partitions may lead to large gaps of space and unnecessary problems. Too much distance between the walls and bathroom partitions compromises user privacy and security. These gaps allow anxiety and vulnerability to prevail, which diminishes worker morale. The lack of follow through in quality placement could also lead to potential HR issues.

If you’re seeking quality meeting space for your organization, you clearly care about the needs of your employees. Go the extra step to ensure their basic needs are met, and you will effectively boost morale and increase the bottom line.