Buying furniture for the home is never easy. There are so many things running in our mind, which one to buy, the colour, size, shape, fabric, etc. When it comes to buying a bed, it is an equally difficult task. There are plenty of options available in the market, and we don’t want to miss any of them, that is why we keep exploring things to look for something new now and then.

We must understand the pros and cons of buying anything new for our home. Here we’ll discuss if a slatted bed frame or a divan is better for your back. If you have plans to buy a new bed at home, you must consider reading it. Keep reading to know more about it:

Slatted bed frame

Slatted bed base is good for your back. These beds are good in terms that they brilliantly support your lower back when you are lying on these beds. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, people have been working from home, and it has created a lot of issues in their back due to bad sitting posture and not having proper seating arrangements at home.

People generally face lower back problems. A slatted bed frame makes sure that you get spinal support. The slatted bed frame is good for your back and gives it complete support that suits the form of your back.


Divan has nothing to do with the back and its problems. The Divan is quite outdated and simple when it comes to design. A divan is not good when it comes to ventilation beneath the mattress because its base is covered with some material. A divan is also small in structure as compared to other beds available in the market. The good thing about a divan is that you have the freedom that you can choose any back support you want to. You can have a divan customized according to your taste.

A slatted bed frame is better for your back than a divan any day. If you have plans to buy a bed, pick a slatted bed base, and it will make sure that you won’t suffer any further problems related to back if you have any. It will also be good at controlling the back problem you are already facing due to the wrong bed and its mattresses. Change your bed today with a slatted bed base for any back issues. You’ll be happy that you did so.