Architecture is the art of constructing and designing buildings and other physical structures. Architecture is as ancient as human history because it is the basic requirement of a human being. Architecture represents the culture, history, traditions, climate and technology of the nation. In primitive ages, man was used to live in caves but with the course of time trends altered. As ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ human beings started to make houses made up of pebbles to protect themselves from wild animals and also from severe climatic conditions. New trends and new innovations prevailed and human beings started to make dwellings with bricks made up of mud, then they started baking these bricks to make them much stronger to guard themselves from other natural calamities.

The opinion of John Eilermann St. Louis on architecture

Greek architecture is well thought-out by John Eilermann St. Louis as most prehistoric architecture and abiding too. In Greek architecture above all Parthenon (Parthenon of Athens) and temples are built-in. This is also well thought-out as one of the wonders of the world. Greeks mainly used stone carvings and the thinking behind all their architecture is to make some place for devotion. Ancient architecture chiefly includes wood carving, stone carving and most of the construction work is done by human hand which made it so inimitable. Most of the buildings are proportioned where repetition of patterns and design can be seen. Similarly Gothic, Roman, Egyptian and Indian architecture is a graceful exemplar of ancient architecture. It tells us all about the climate, culture, and traditions of these civilizations. It seems that much struggle and hard work has been exerted to build these buildings. Materials used in these buildings are predominantly natural like marble, stone, sand, wood etc. Recurrence of materials and ideas could be seen in ancient architecture because of the lack of technology.

With the course of time new inventions in the field of chemistry, technology and many other scientific fields are done. Many of the new materials have been set up by the chemists and architects produced artificially at low cost. Today’s architecture is the blend of formalism, structuralism, expressionism, high technology, and neo expressionism. Professionalism and fast growing industries give birth to modern architecture which is simple less decorative but most people-oriented. Modern architecture is rich in motivation and conceptual ideas behind it. With the growing complexity in architecture it is further divided into different branches. Ecological hazards are most hot issue these days that is why architects are trying to create designs which are eco friendly. Architects are now devising building which are self-contained in all energy demands.

In short, as John Eilermann St. Louis states, architecture whether superior or terrible has great impact on our lives. It is the representation of the progress and strength of the nation but the architecture must be environment friendly and aesthetically pleasing to save our planet earth and to mold its face in an attractive manner. Many inclinations have been passed away and many will come but its only principle is to provide shelter for human beings and to form the world where they can live with harmony and composure.