Proper ventilation is one of the key requirements of large industries and production plants. This is because the continuous operation of machinery and the big number of workers make it necessary to circulate fresh air in the facility without fail. This is why industries create ventilation systems that ensure a regular supply of fresh air and removal of spent air from the unit. For a smooth functioning, regular maintenance of these ventilation units is required, and this is where the role of a boiler engineer Sussex comes into the picture. Let us look at some reasons that necessitate visitation and services of these engineers in an industry.

As part of scheduled maintenance routine

The most common reason for engineer visitations is the maintenance contract that binds the installation company to send a technician regularly to check and monitor the unit for optimal functioning and identify a potential damage. These visitations are usually scheduled every few months and are very effective in preventing a sudden fault in the ventilation system.

As part of a sudden maintenance request

Many times, the ventilation systems develop a fault or technical problem that necessitates the urgent service by the boiler engineer Sussex. Some of these problems are:

  • Problems in the performance of the capabilities of exhaust system due to the buildup of dirt and dust, paint etc.
  • Compromise in the efficiency of exhaust systems because of mechanical and technical faults.
  • Unnecessary changes in the basic ventilation system by inclusion or modification of pipes and ducts.
  • Insufficient cleaning of ventilation systems, including the various ducts and pipelines.
  • Gas pocket formation and condensate collection in the ductwork.
  • Faults in air cleaning systems that may lead to an introduction of particulate matter.
  • Leaky ducts and hoods that expose the personnel and equipment to contaminating substances.
  • Plugging of pipes, vents or ducts that can result in decreased flow or poor quality of air being circulated in the facility.

For generating performance reports

The expertise and experience of qualified personnel are required to assess and check the efficiency of the various components of a ventilation system. These assessments can be for quality control purpose, or as part of a mandatory legal or health requirement for renewal of licenses and other reasons.

  • For new installations and renovations
  • If a new plant or manufacturing unit is being made, these units being shifted to a new facility, or renovations are being made in the current set up, then an experienced boiler engineer Sussex would be required to correctly install and maintain the various components of an industrial ventilation unit.

It is very important to maintain the ventilation system of any manufacturing or production unit and monitor it closely. This is because efficient ventilation has the direct correlation to employee performance. Units in which the circulated air is fresh and clean are more healthy and productive for the business. Therefore, you must hire the services of a reliable and reputed service provider to take care of all issues related to ventilation in your facility.