The honed concrete surface is considered best for outdoor areas such as a patio, parking, commercial properties and many other related places. Honing is a step of flooring that offers a smooth and matt finish to the concrete. This is done by grinding the surface of concrete and then exposing it to the aggregates. Right from great lustre to stain resistance, you can see a number of benefits of the honed surface. 

Below mentioned is a list of benefits that you’ll come to see with honing. Let’s a close look at each of the benefits:

Low maintenance requirements

With honing, you will get one important benefit of negligible maintenance. There are various types of floors that need regular scrubbing to make sure the lustre and appearance of the floor. But, you don’t have to worry about efforts on maintenance when it comes to honed surfaces. Honing makes the surface compacted which reduces stains. In addition, there is no need for any kind of stripping or waxing with this kind of surface. Once honing is done, you don’t have to waste time and effort in its maintenance.

Improved slip resistance attribute

There’s a misconception that if the floor is smooth and shiny then it might be a slippery floor. Though the honed surface is shiny, this does mean the floor is slippery. Therefore, you can go for polished concrete in your residential places without any fear of injury. The honing is done with the help of grinding the floor. As compared to any other floor, polished concrete will have a higher coefficient of friction.

Removes dust particles

In the unhoned concrete, you can see tiny dust that is mainly pushed into the surface with an upward force. This sometimes leads to efflorescence which makes the maintenance of the concrete floor an expensive affair. In the honed floor, you’ll get a benefit of dust particle removal. Make sure that you are going to have honed concrete services in Perth from the reputed platform.

No damage with high foot traffic

Polished concrete surface not only ensures great lustre but also has the ability to withstand high foot traffic. Places like patios and other outdoor areas always have to witness a lot of foot traffic and vehicle driving. But, if the concrete floor is honed then you don’t have to worry about its durability. There will be no damage due to foot traffic on its surface.

Improves the lighting reflection

With the flattening and grinding of the concrete, you’ll get sheen on the surface. The reflective properties of the concrete floor get increased with this sheen. Therefore, increased lighting is another important benefit that comes with the honed surface of the concrete floor.

Honing the concrete floor makes sure a perfect finish that assures less maintenance, high durability and enhanced appearance. This kind of concrete floor also lowers the risk of abrasion. Apart from this, old floors can be renovated and strengthened with the help of mechanical honing. Therefore, it is important to get connected with a reliable honed concrete service provider.