Beautifully designed multi colored driveways since installed facing our sweet homes or offices not only enhance their worth but are useful in many ways. Those challenged with shortage of space for their vehicles are able to make use of the pathways for parking purposes. Holding small parties or other significant events is also possible and save plenty of money that would have been spent for renting halls or other places. Enjoying evening tea with snacks in the company of your friends, relatives or other known people, sitting in comfortable chairs since placed on the pathways facilitated by Driveways Canterbury fills us with pride and pleasure. As we know that everything including the driveways is prone to deterioration with passage of time, we should maintain them in proper manners.

Following effective tips must be considered for keeping the driveways intact during the span of our lives:

  • Do remember to clean the driveway in proper manners. Use of soft broom may be made for clearing of the leaves or other garbage from the driveway. Do not ever use a harsh brush or such tools that would harm the driveway in a big way. Keep the interlocking bricks clean enough and rebuff the contents of sand. Make use of gentle soap or other detergents while cleaning the walkway. Solvents or shore piling granular materials should be kept at distance. Oil stains or other substances must be removed on instant basis as they not only lead to ugly looks but also destroy the driveways in harmful manners.
  • Remember not to park any vehicle on the newly installed driveway that is almost raw in the initial days. The weight of the heavy vehicle may damage the walkway badly. Just wait for few days before using the driveway for parking.
  • Remember to shovel your walkway regularly in the cold seasons as they are vulnerable to damages in winter.
  • It is the seals of the driveways that often give way and get damaged. Be careful to reseal the walkway after each gap of three years. Resealing every year becomes necessary if your pathway exists in extremely hot or cold areas. Be wise to reseal the concrete driveways more often if they exist in front of your business properties.
  • We often come across many properties with the driveways wherein weeds start growing and leading to cracks or holes in them. Make use of vinegar or environment-friendly safe weed killers to save the costly walkways from the possible damages because of weeding. Likewise grass clipping should also be kept off from the driveways. It is wise to sweep the driveways after each mowing process related to the adjacent lawn as the seeds often penetrate the small cracks in the asphalt that may expand and damage it fully. Use of asphalt crack-filler is recommended to deal with such common problems.  
  • Use of snow plows on the driveway is strictly prohibited.

Do consult prominent Driveways Canterbury that could suggest more practicable tips to maintain the driveways.