Home improvement can be expensive in Australia, but nowadays, many Australian homeowners have been stretching their limited budget and being able to carry out do-it-yourself projects in their home. If you consider DIY fixes in your house a hobby that you enjoy doing, you must be aware of the fact that you don’t actually have to spend hundreds of dollars just to repair or refurbish a part of your home. While you can still actually invest on purchasing stuff that you need to do a project you can do within a day, but you can actually spend around $150 or less. With a touch of imagination and careful planning, improving the interior of your home to make it look like those newly-furbished homes has never been this convenient and affordable.

It is, therefore, worth mentioning these budget-friendly tips for your next home improvement project. Repainting a single or multiple walls in a room of your home is just one of the many basic home improvement tasks that can be within a limited budget. Giving your bedroom wall a fresh coat of paint gives your whole room a newer look as if done by new home builders. More importantly, you get to update your walls’ appearance, especially if you see some peeled-off portions or discolorations. Speaking of repainting, not only should you pay attention to the walls, but also to the doors and cabinets. If you think your home’s front door looks already old or you want to enhance its color, you can update it by applying paint on it, either using the same color as the original or a totally newer one. The same goes with cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets are well within the reach of sunlight, you can actually apply bright paint to transform them further.

If you find your staircase to be quite slippery, you don’t actually have to buy a carpet that could cost you thousands of dollars. You can fix this (and save a lot in doing so) by purchasing woven stair runners. In addition to supplies, you can actually install it directly on to the staircase; an upgrade that will help you and your family avoid horrible slips and falls while going up or down the stairs. Visiting a garage sale in your neighborhood or a thrift shop somewhere would be a great way to find accessories which you can incorporate in your living room or in any part of your house. Not only are they worth displaying, but other stuff can still be used and installed, such as a lampshade or a lantern. Instead of installing a tile backsplash in your kitchen, you can instead put other unconventional materials such as wallpaper or chalkboard. There are other materials out there that are not just functional, but are also totally inexpensive. Spice up the dining area by installing a new fixture. But then, if you only have a limited budget, you can actually do DIY projects, such as refurbishing an old chandelier, making a drum shade out of available materials, and repainting the dining room’s ceiling fan.

It only takes a hundred or so dollars to make certain customizations in your home to improve it further as long as you know how to budget your materials and put a dose of creativity in your efforts, you get to make your house look newer without spending too much. Now, if you really want your home to be comparable to the sophisticated and stylish houses made by topnotch new home builders they usually feature on TV, you can achieve it without spending a fortune – just keep in mind the tips provided. DIY projects are not reserved for individuals who have limited resources, but they are also fun activities to people who want to challenge their creativity and resourcefulness.