Mattress toppers are a great bedroom accessory, offering a host of sleep benefits and saving you from having to fork out for a new mattress.Not only will a topper extend your mattress’s life, but it will also give you another level of comfort.There are a couple of different filling options available to you when it comes to choosing a mattress topper, which we’re going to cover here.While some of these options are more expensive than others, you can usually find good value if you shop around.Memory Foam

For many, the ultimate choice is memory foam, and while it’s on the more expensive side, it’s not hard to see why.Memory foam reacts to your body heat and conforms to the contours of your body, providing the ultimate customised support and comfort.This is especially great if you suffer from muscles aches and pains or have back and neck problems as the firmness of the topper will support you and properly align the spine.

Another benefit of memory foam is that it reduces movement in the mattress when your partner is tossing and turning during the night!Some users do complain that memory foam can be a little bit too warm. This is because of the way in which it retains body heat, however, a good quality memory foam topper should be breathable enough that this won’t be an issue.For more information on memory foam check out this piece on WebMD.

Down and Feather

Naturally filled toppers are usually made using feather and down (fluffy breast feathers) from either ducks or geese.

These toppers are prized as being luxurious and super soft and are for those who place more emphasis on comfort rather than support.

With naturally filled toppers you’ll feel yourself sinking into them, which is great if you’re after that five-star touch, but not so great if you need a firm surface to support your joints.

Another big advantage of feather toppers is that they are very airy so they naturally regulate your temperature, keeping you warm during the winter and cool during summer.

However, do bear in mind that if you suffer from allergies or hay fever it may be best to avoid feather toppers as they can sometimes trigger these.


There are a number of different types of synthetic mattress toppers out there and they’re quickly matching natural fillings for popularity.The most popular synthetic fillings are microfibre, which is a very soft polyester fibre, and hollowfibre, which is similar but has a hole running through its centre which gives it added loft and support.

Synthetic toppers are often among the more affordable, but they perform just as well in many cases and offer a good blend of support and comfort.There are also loads of specialist options such as waterproof, anti-allergy and ones specially designed to keep you cool during the summer such as the Airmax from Silentnight.

As you can see, mattress toppers do vary quite a lot, they’re all likely to give you a better night’s sleep.The major choice that you face is whether you want to prioritise comfort or support (of course this isn’t to say you can’t have both).Generally speaking, if you do suffer from back or joint pains then you’ll be best opting for a firmer topper, and if you find that you need something a bit comfier to drift off then maybe opt for a softer, natural option.