If you are the owner of your home, you probably already know how important it is to renovate in order to keep the value of your house always high. Not only that, but there are several things you can do to increase the possible value of your home, so when you are ready to sell and move on to another home or perhaps a flat downtown, you’ll know just what your house can possibly be worth. First, to get a better idea about what kind of prices do houses in your neighborhood have. If you happen to live in Nigeria, check out local real estate classifieds online. Once you have a pretty clear concept about the sums you can expect to get from selling your house, here are some ways you can increase its value.

1. Redecorate the kitchen.

Surprisingly enough, kitchen takes primary position in terms of the importance of redecoration. Since the potential buyers tend to pay special attention to details like electric appliances you would be better off changing some of that, if your budget permits, of course.

2. Renew the bathroom.

If you live in a bigger than average house and have a master bathroom and a guest bathroom, special attention should be paid to the master bathroom. Again, details are important. If your budget so permits, you will probably want to tear and rebuild the walls, redo the bathtub and toilet all together. This will probably come down to a fairly big amount, but in the long run when you will be ready to sell the house, you will get at least 70 per cent back.

3. Remodel the living room.

As most buyers are really keen on electronic equipment, be sure to add a music or movie room in your house. This could be a part of your living room if your house is not big, or it could be a separate room dedicated entirely to electronic appliances, which will definitely boost your house appeal on the market. If you cannot afford to buy new electronic equipment, check out free classifieds online to find some second-hand things for a good price in Nigeria. Consider adding a play room as well- it could be either for the kids, where you would have all your toys or it could be for grown-ups, thus it would turn into a billiard and bar room.

3.Windows change.

Windows are not only eyes to the house, but they can really get your house’s price up. Windows if replaced can really lower the price of your electric and heating bills and could also add a nice touch to the house.

4. Repaint.

If the book is judged by its cover, your house is definitely going to be judged by the condition it’s in- outside and inside. But to make a good impression, do repaint and remodel.

In the final run, it is up to you how much you want to spend and what you want to renovate, but the more you do the better your chances of getting a better price deal when you sell it will be.