Solid oak tables look classy and are very functional. They go well with different types of home decor and come with customizable designs. If you are confused about buying the right table, check out the benefits that solid oak ones offer compared to the other ones. We hope that this article will give you the required information to help you make the right decision.

Benefits of having a solid oak dining table

Solid oak dining table offer a wide range of benefits compared to their closest counterparts. Let’s explore them one by one:-

  • Oak is very adaptive in terms of design and color scheme. You can customize the oak tables according to your preferences and change their color according to your room decor. It is a long-lasting material that lasts for many years, unlike other tables prone to breaking or getting damaged.
  • Oak tables and furniture are effortless to maintain. They do not get stained easily; neither does it need anything more than a regular dusting. If you have a glass dining table, it will take some time and effort to clean the table every day.
  • Being a hardwood, oak tables are very durable, and it is capable of holding all your stuff for years to come. Using cheap material for making tables might cost you less initially, but it will get damaged within a few years, and you will end up spending more in the long run.
  • Solid oak furniture looks classy and is unique in its ways. These are timeless pieces of furniture that can last for generations to come. Each piece is elegant and refined in its way, and it will hold for eras to come.

Wooden tables are making a comeback because of their functionalities and looks. It is popular as it lasts longer, and it’s easy to clean too. You will not have to worry about it getting damaged or broken. It is made from natural material and great at preventing bacterial growth. Famous brands are now making oak dining tables because of its increasing popularity.

Some other options

Apart from oak and other hardwoods, there are other materials available for making dining tables. You can go for options like glass or marble. But they are prone to scratches, breakage, and getting stained. You need to handle them carefully, unlike the wooden tables.

You can also opt for laminated or plastic tables that go well with modern-day houses and are quite affordable too. However, these tables are quite fragile, and with passing time, there are high chances that it will get damaged or broken. Also, these tables offer fewer scopes for customization, which is a drawback. With solid oak, you can give a classy touch to your home, that too, in a cost-effective way.