When you’re trying to raise money for your day to day life, you probably look at various options. Obviously, your first option is your job; however, if you’re not earning enough from your job, or if you just want some extra money, you might have more money in your hands than you think. Metal is an asset just like any other commodity. There are certain kinds of metal that are valuable and certain ones that are not quite as valuable but tend to be heavier. You might have a lot of money in scrap metal, especially if you’re moving or cleaning your house. Here is what you should be thinking about.


Appliances like washing machines and dryers are heavy metal objects. They’re typically made of steel and aluminium, with perhaps some iron used in older models. They tend to be great sources of scrap metal that you can sell to a company such as B A Perkins scrap metals. If you’re throwing out your old washing machine and dryer, you should really think about selling them instead. They might not be functional anymore, but they’re still made of a material with some value.


Cars, especially older models, are made of large amounts of metal. Engine blocks are often 250kg or more. They’re typically made of iron and steel. These aren’t the most valuable metals but the amount of metal could definitely be worth a lot of money. This is especially useful if the car is no longer functional. A non-functional car is a worth a lot less money at a dealership, but it’s worth the same amount of money at a scrap yard.

When you’re trying to find extra money around your house, you might be overlooking a serious source of money. Appliances, scrapped cars, and other types of metal can be very lucrative. Just like any other commodity, their values shift and change over time.