Selecting a good dining table can be an uphill task for many homeowners because of the endless options out there. There are round designs, glass models, and reclaimed wood designs for clients to select the ideal pieces for their homes.

However, going into a dining table store without knowing what to look raises the risk of picking the wrong piece. This post is a guide on the main dining tables to help you pick the best.

The common rectangular modern dining table

When you decide to buy a dining room table, one major decision will be on what shape to go for. The popular dining table design in most homes is the rectangular model. Many homeowners prefer it because of functionality and form.

Whether you want a wooden table or prefer occasional tables, the rectangular design offers the best of both sides. It provides a unique clean outlook and defined straight lines that make serving flawless. Whether you are having a celebration in the backyard or family dinner in the house, this table is always a great host.

The reclaimed round tables

This design is considered the perfect option for people who want to save on space. The tables are beautifully designed to deliver a sense of style and functionality. For example, the pedestal dining table is used to create an intimate setting with all the members of the family.

The round dining table is very effective when the people involved are less than six. When the number goes beyond six, the table becomes inconvenient. To make the dining moment using the round rustic dining table, consider adding a stunning a pendant light above it.

The square marble dining table

A square dining table is not a common piece in many homes. Just like the rounded dining table version, the square designs make serving easy when only a few people are involved. However, the common square options such as the elegant dining table are designed to hold a larger number of dining people compared to the round design.

The square design allows users to easily augment the dining space with other décor items such as area rugs, wall art, and special lighting. You could even add potted plants on one corner of the dining room for special ambiance.

The oval dining table

The oval dining table is becoming a common piece in homes because it combines style and functionality. More people prefer it because it takes small space and matches well with other décor items installed in the house.

Note that unlike the round design that can only accommodate a few people, the oval model can host more whether installed inside the house or used for outdoor parties. This is the main reason why more people are going for it when they have events such as birthdays.

How to pick the right table for your situation

Now that you have known the main dining tables in the market, it is time to determine the ideal piece for you.

  • Establish the amount of money to spend on the dining table: The good thing is that every category of dining table comes with variations pegged at different prices. If you plan to use £500 or £1000, the chances are that you will get the table of choice for your dining room.
  • Decide whether to pick wooden or marble design: The dining table markets have diversified so much that you can pick a marble dining table or wooden pieces such as the reclaimed wood table and wooden coffee tables to match personal preference.
  • Ease of maintenance: As a dining area piece of furniture, you should expect it to get dirty fast and require regular cleaning. The ideal dining table should allow the user to clean it regularly without degrading the material. For example, a glass dining table can easily be cleaned without damaging its allure.