If your home has been on the market for quite a while and you are not getting quite the right results from your own efforts towards selling the property, maybe it is time to call in the professionals. When relisting a property for sale, you need to first choose the right real estate agents to help you disperse the news of your home’s availability to the right network of buyers. From opening your home to viewing by the right audiences to cinching the right negotiations, you need the best real estate agent in your corner. When searching for Estate Agents in Ilford for your home relisting, you can use the following tips to get the best results.

Open Consultations to Assess Your Current Listing

The first thing to do is to open consultations with prospective agents to understand their view of your home. If you have used an agent for the previous listing, you can also try to bring the previous documents and listing ideas to the new consultation to compare notes to get better results for listing this time.

Make a Note of What Worked and What Did Not Work

When relisting a property, the best thing you have is the experience of the previous listing. Bring the points to a consensus to get to the bottom of what did and did not work for the previous listing and discuss in detail with your new agent. The new agent must be able to hone in on the problem areas and make suggestions such as staging the property for a particular target audience. They should also be able to provide their own data of the audience niche that should be pitched to get the best results depending on the district and area of your property.

Talk to Previous Client References 

Ask for previous client references from your prospective agents. Take the tie to talk to them to better understand your agent’s work process and business ethics. It will also give you a chance to understand the professionalism that they bestow on clients and the percentage of results that they can guarantee overall.

Walkthrough the Agent’s Presentation for Prospective Buyers

Finally, always ask for a mock presentation or home walkthrough from your prospective agent to understand the way they are going to present your home to the new buyers. If you have done this before, you should be able to get an idea of how different it was from the previous listing. You can also add your own experience and points to the process and check whether the new agent is likely to be receptive to your ideas as well.

Your real estate agent should be calm in a crisis, patient and upbeat to present your home most candidly to your new buyers. The agent should also have enough experience to cinch the negotiations and walk you through the transactional details once the property has been confirmed for sale.