Shutters offer a screening solution that enables a high level of controllability. With several control systems, you can precisely position the shutters to give you the perfect balance of seclusion and light. This is a popular solution for homes that face the street, as the bottom half can be closed, while the upper section remains open, giving you the right amount of light and privacy. Shutters can also be fitted on the interior of the windows, which can transform the ambience of any room. On the other hand, exterior mounted shutters are preferred for light control, air flow, and security.

Choice of materials

Shutters can be crafted from a range of materials including timber, aluminium, or eco-friendly materials that protect from the harmful rays of the sun. Aluminium provides that sleek, modern look, while timber gives a more rural setting, and with a range of treatments and shades, you are sure to find that perfect combination. The size and shape of the window would determine certain design factors, as would the character of the building.

Alter the look of your home

Installing shutters on the windows can change the character of any house, and with a wide range of design options to choose from, the choice is yours. If you are looking for roller shutters in Perth, an online search will put you in touch with a reputable supplier. A professional company will offer a range of shutter solutions to suit your needs.

Shutter variations

Some shutters consist of two panels, each hinged on the right and left window frame, which would open outwards, similar to a set of double doors.  Single-tier shutters have one or more panel from top to bottom, whereas double-tier shutters have a set of panels for each tier, each with a separate function. A double-tier design offers a wider range of styles, making it more attractive and offering a higher level of control.

UV rays

Shutters help to reduce the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays, which protects your furniture and carpets. Continued exposure to direct sunlight, over time, will fade carpet and furniture fabric, so you should protect your assets by installing UV shutters, which are equipped with a fully adjustable system, so you can control the amount of sunlight that enters a room, protecting your valuable items from heat damage.

The right amount of light

For a spectacular effect in the evenings, attach a few light strips to the edges of the inside mounts, and this will give your house a warm glow. With many shades, textures, and materials available, shutters can add style your home, and with the added privacy, they offer a perfect screening solution.

Tailored to fit

No two houses are identical, so the shutters must be tailor-made to fit the windows. This requires a specialist company, so make sure you contact a reputable supplier who will help you with all aspects from design to completion.

With many obvious benefits, shutters offer an attractive alternative to blinds or curtains, transforming the style and character of your home. With the added security benefits, the extra comfort, and the increased value, shutters provide so much more than just cover for your windows.