A loft conversion is just too important and must therefore not be given to an unproven service provider. Do you need a loft conversion south London service provider and you do not know how to get the best one out there? Not to worry; the information provided here will lead you by the hands and show you how to choose the best among the lot available in your locality.

Contact information

You should not do business with any loft conversion south London service provider that does not provide contact address on their websites. This is one of the very first things you should look out for on their websites when doing your research about the best to work with. Make sure their telephone numbers are listed on their website.

Aside from the above, find out if they have their physical address also listed on the website. The absence of these contact details should out rightly nullify the service provider. Should anything go wrong with the loft extension, it will be easier to locate the service provider if they have their addresses listed on their websites. If they are reluctant to provide their contact details, it is most probable that they have something to hide.


Before a loft conversion south London service provider can be recognized and counted as reliable, the outlet must possess some certificates and qualifications in the construction industry. These certificates allow the outlet to be recognized officially. They are also signs that the service provider has the required expertise and skills to get the loft conversion tasks done perfectly. Before you settle for any particular construction company, find out if they are registered and also find out if they have all necessary local qualifications. Before you start talking about concrete cost or any other aspect of the project, find out if they are accredited first. Do not have any dealing with any outlet that fails to present these certificates.

Personal recommendations

You can almost always rely on your friends’ recommendations when looking for the right loft conversion south London service provider. The value of personal recommendation should never be underestimated. It is the most unbiased and truest opinion you can ever get about a construction company. You may also ask the friend to allow you inspect the job that particular service provider had done for him/her. This way, you will have an idea of how reliable or otherwise the construction company can be for your loft conversion project in south London.

No money upfront

If any construction company asks you to make part payment before they start the work, you should never fall for it. A reliable construction company will not make money the first thing; rather, they will start work first and ask for part payment after the work is already in progress. They should be the ones to bear the initial concrete cost, and you can pay them later as the work progresses.


Find out if the company has the necessary equipment to get the job done, like the concrete truck. Do not deal with them if they do not have the equipment they require for the job. Only real experts among them will have such a truck. Aside from concrete truck, also find out if they have other equipment. Do not give them the job if they will only outsource the construction work to another outlet after collecting it from you.