If your home has been flooded because of a leaky pipe, loose washer hose, or storm, you have more than just the water damage itself to worry about. Anywhere moisture is left in the home, mold can grow. When cleaning up from water damage, follow these tips to prevent mold problems from developing.

Remove Standing Water Quickly

Removing standing water quickly after a flood will help to mitigate the amount of damage to your home and belongings and remove the moisture that mold needs to grow. You can use a sump pump or wet/dry vacuum to remove the majority of the water. Towels and a mop may help to remove the last of the water.

Use a HEPA Vacuum for Debris

A HEPA vacuum can help to keep dust and mold spores from being thrown into the air and then settling back down onto surfaces after cleaning. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. HEPA vacuums act as moving, mechanical air filters that trap dust and spores, along with pet dander and tobacco smoke.

Clean Surfaces and Framing with Detergent

Cleaning framing and all home surfaces with detergent can help to kill any mold that has formed in the wake of water damage. The scrubbing action and cleaning may also remove mold spores before they have a chance to form mold and possibly become dangerous. After cleaning using a detergent, be sure to thoroughly rinse the areas with clean water and dry them.

Contact Mold Restoration Services

Mold restoration professionals can help you to keep your home safe from mold by performing an inspection to identify any areas of the home that may be prone to mold after water damage has occurred. If there is mold, mold restoration professionals can help you to salvage any belongings that may have become contaminated. They can also remove and replace drywall that has been damaged.

Control Humidity Levels and Keep the Home Dry

To avoid future mold growth, keep the home dry after you are finished cleaning up from the water damage. Use a dehumidifier as necessary to control humidity levels and make it a habit to regularly dry surfaces in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen where moisture tends to accumulate. If you are afraid of moisture accumulating unnoticed, there are alarms that you can buy to detect excess moisture.

Keeping your home free from mold is important to keep your home and family safe. If your home has sustained water damage or if you suspect that you may have mold, call restoration services in your area today.