Choosing a low maintenance flooring option often turns into a decision that involves carpet. After all, all you need to do is vacuum occasionally, right? While regular vacuuming can help keep your carpet clean, you do need to schedule professional cleaning on a regular basis. A good carpet can last for a decade or more, but only if it is well maintained. You can certainly improve your house hygiene by keeping your carpet clean. For this task, you can also seek the help of some professional carpet cleaning companies like Bliss Cleaning or more. The professionals will surely help you to learn about maintenance and when to get your carpets professionally cleaned.

Maintenance Cleaning

Think of vacuuming as a type of maintenance cleaning. It doesn’t deep clean your carpets, but it does remove some of the daily dirt and grit. You should vacuum once a week per person that lives in your home. For example, if your family consists of four people, you should be vacuuming at least four times each week as suggested by the professional carpet cleaning companies like Bliss Cleaning or more. Areas that get the most use should get more frequent attention.

The Right Way to Vacuum

Not only do you need to vacuum regularly, you need to do it right. For the best results, always use a CRI approved vacuum. A better vacuum pulls more dirt and dust out of your carpet. Another thing to remember is to vacuum slowly. A quick run over the surface of the carpet doesn’t pull up all of the dirt. It should take you between 15 and 20 minutes to vacuum a 300 square foot surface.

Why Choose Carpet?

Even with the needed maintenance, carpet is one of the most low-maintenance flooring options and is a good choice for those with allergies or asthma. Carpet fibres trap dirt, dust and dander, keeping them out of the air. If you then vacuum up these air pollutants, you keep the atmosphere of your home as allergen-free as possible. Also, a slow pass with the vacuum might take a few minutes, but it is usually still substantially faster and easier than dealing with a broom and mop.

When to Call in the Cleaners

Even if you vacuum every day, several times a day, you should still schedule regular professional cleanings. A steam clean of your carpet helps get up dirt and dust that has settled below the surface. In some cases, failure to schedule professional cleanings can affect your warranty. Check with your carpet manufacturer to determine how often you should have the professionals in. A professional carpet cleaning helps your carpet stay like new for as long as possible.

Typically, you will only need a steam cleaning about once every six months to a year. If you have pets or a large family, you might want to schedule more frequent visits. If you are too busy to work then you are highly suggested to take the help of professional carpet cleaning companies like Bliss Cleaning or others. Professionals always use the latest types of equipment and techniques for effective carpet cleaning. If you get your regularly scheduled cleanings, vacuum correctly and often, and spot treat for spills, you should have a carpet that looks fresh for years to come.