Whether you are planning to construct, renovate, restructure or buy a home, your very first plan should include arranging for a thorough building inspection of the property. This is especially necessary for older properties because the inspection will also bring focus on the stability of the construction so you know what immediate changes you need to make to further secure the property for your family.

What does a building inspection entail?

The building inspection is carried out by a professional evaluator assess the building against multiple factors. This inspection can be paired with a pest inspection for a complete outlook on the requirements to make the property hospitable for use. For older properties particularly, some issues might be hidden from view. Only concerning yourself with the cosmetic renovations, the outer paint job or interior fixtures might not be enough. You might need to come up with a more extensive plan to reinforce the foundation or add some structures to make sure the property is compliant with the current building standards.

Professional Sydney building inspections will most definitely check for the standards of your building for the following critical aspects. Here is a checklist for you to follow along.

Building foundation

It is quite difficult to spot foundation issues with an unprofessional eye. Professionals can work with proper protocols and measuring tools to not just check for errors but the extent of the issue. This helps in planning for the renovations more accurately.

Electrical layout

With age and irregular maintenance, older properties can exhibit faulty electrical wiring in many areas. It is important for a professional inspection because it can also be a safety hazard to attempt checking for these wiring issues by an untrained person.

Pest infestation

Constant disuse often makes older vacant properties a hotbed for pests and termite infestation. If the property edges the woods, it can also have wildlife infestations that need to be assessed carefully for a follow up with a proper pest control strategy.

Damp and mildew

Again, irregular maintenance can often expose parts of the older properties to constant damp during weather changes. This makes such places ideal for the growth of mould and mildew. Since these infected areas can often be hidden from view, a professional inspection is critical in exposing the extent of the issue. Remember, staying in mildew or fungus-infected home can gradually over time lead to respiratory and skin diseases for the inhabitants.

Roof structure and leaks

A sound roof is essential to keep your property standing strong during the wet season. The assessment of the roof structure during the inspection can often bring leaks, structural problems and pest infestations to light. In many cases, extensive repairs including fully uprooting and reconstructing the roof might be needed.

Sydney has specific inspection protocols and certification standards for older properties in place. The professional inspection companies have to abide by these protocols and in turn, can help you not only plan a future renovation of your property but also give you a true price assessment for the purchase. Ideally, you should call in for a property inspection before you sign the purchase deed.