You might be suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes pregnancies bring unique challenges. It is natural for a mother to be concerned about their health along with the babies during pregnancy. Epilepsy and pregnancy medicine could provide you reasonable relief. This is what is in your grasp to promote a healthy pregnancy. But still you need to educate yourself about pregnancy and diabetes in order to have a healthy baby.

The diabetes team includes a series of specialists who monitors your medical condition on a periodic basis. Once you progress in your pregnancy the team takes control over your blood sugar levels and alter the diabetes treatment plan as per the needs. As part of your team you need to include the following members

  • An obstetrician- they are going to discuss with you about the expectations of managing diabetes when you are pregnant. The list of potential complications to be managed are taken care of and a series of special lab tests that  is suggested to deal during pregnancy
  • An eye specialist- the doctor may ask you to opt for an eye appointment in case if you did go on to have one on a recent basis. An eye specialist could cope up with small issues in relation to the blood vessels of your eyes that can progress when you are pregnant
  • Paediatrician- a relationship with your doctor has to be established for whom you need to care after pregnancy.

The objective- Control of sugar during pregnancy

To have a control over your blood sugar levels before and after the pregnancy is the best way to prevent diabetes. Though neurological disorders after pregnancy can arise but you need to address the issue at the earliest. Proper levels of blood sugar levels can help

  • Cuts down on the scope of miscarriage and still birth- proper blood sugar levels reduces the scope of still birth and miscarriage which works out to be one of the major concerns when you are pregnant
  • The chance of premature birth is a thing of the past- the better you are in a position to control blood sugar levels lessen the chances of pre-term birth
  • Scope of birth defects is reduced- maintaining proper levels of blood sugar reduces the scope of baby birth defects

The action method

  • You need to check your blood sugar levels on a regular basis- regular monitoring of your blood sugar levels can lead to less and more blood sugar levels. The best way to promote a healthy pregnancy is to prevent blood sugar complications
  • Opt for prescribed medicines as needed- the health care provider is going to guide you about the list of medicines you need to take during pregnancy. There are some oral medicines that can be used when you are pregnant, but in certain medicines there is still scope for a lot of research. Keep these points in mind before consuming medicines.

Following the above steps would help you to cope up with blood sugar levels during pregnancy