Fashion photography is now all around the world. One can see hundreds of images a day of men and women dressed-up, showcasing accessories, clothing and footwear. Nowadays it is one of the biggest and most profitable arenas of photography. Thus the world of fashion photography is fast-widening. It focuses on posing, portraiture, beautiful locations and extensive lighting. This genre is changing and evolving as many photographers choose their own aesthetic.


Some might see glamour and fashion photography as hard to think apart. Glamour photography sells the model whereas fashion photography is about selling a lifestyle. The three styles of fashion one could end up being a part of are following:

  • Catalogue fashion photography: It is more of an information image. The mood is very subdued, the wardrobe is seen clearly and everything is simple and clean.
  • Editorial fashion photography: It looks at the model other than a studio, like in an environment. It focuses on lifestyle, where styling is final look up.
  • High-Fashion photography: It is the costliest one. These can be huge productions. Here the wardrobe could be fantasy-esque and the whole focus on the powerful image.

How to Shoot Fashion Photography

Shooting the kind of photography is no small feat. There is a lot of homework involved in finding the right model to photograph and then posing the same. One has the lights and what he wants to achieve with them. Novice’s camera and lenses need practice so he knows what he is doing and what his limitations are. When the day comes, he needs to organise the team and stay in high spirits as he manages the model and their personality. It is exhausting, as well as mentally and physically tiring. One’s confidence needs to be unshakable and able to solve multiple problems at the same time. Yet, his hard work will pay off and he will be happy with the results. There are several fashion photography institute in Delhi.

Aspect of fashion photography

The glamorous world of a fashion photography is envied by all. While most interested one may want to leave their daily mundane work and steps into fashion photography, though it is not everyone’s cup of tea. For novices it is an expensive craft to learn. And more importantly, one hardly gets chances to good credible fashion photographers to learn from. Keeping this mind, some institutes have brought to these people an intensive course in fashion photography that is affordable and focuses on practical training, as well as gives extensive shooting experience to their students. Apart from learning the creative and technical aspects of photography, one will also develop the confidence to work with make-up artists and models. Their students use to work closely with their instructors, as well as make-up artists and professional models too, to create their own portfolio.

Photography Course

This exciting fashion photography classes in Delhi in fashion photography is packed with practical training and actual shooting by the trainees. Each learner will learn to work with make-up artists and models as well as will receive extensive hands-on experience in fashion photography.