When you’re prepared to supplant your old windows, you may browse a few alternatives, including aluminium windows. The aluminium windows of today are much superior to the more seasoned styles of the earlier times. However, you may still be unsure of how much value it would add to your home and what would be the usefulness of the high quality Aluminium windows in London.

Speaking of other windows, wood windows are commonly more stylishly satisfying than aluminium and frequently fit in better with the style of the house. Moreover wood has a low warm conductance. It holds in warmth great so your home will stay hotter. Build up ought not to shape in your window except if there’s an issue with the glass or the warm break that isolates the sheets of glass. Wood requires more maintenance than aluminium and more consideration amid the establishment procedure to keep away from any holes. Both the inside and outside of wood windows should be done well. If you are a worried lot wondering about the pros and cons of using an aluminium window, then this post will surely help you get to a conclusion.

What are the boons and banes of aluminium windows?

With a common knowledge of aluminium being a light metal and a widely used one at that, you have a basic idea of what to expect from an aluminium window. However, the points in the following paragraphs will make it clearer for you to decide whether or not, you would want to have high quality Aluminium windows in London.


  • Available in attractive colours: You would be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the colour for your aluminium window. There are more than 300 shades of various colours available for you to choose from.
  • Durable: Aluminium windows are certainly more durable than their wood counterparts.
  • Cheaper: A high quality wood window can be heavy on your pocket; unlike the aluminium one which is not only cheaper but is also easy to maintain.
  • Effortless operation: Unlike the wood, the aluminium windows do not get affected by the weather conditions outside.


  • Good conductor of heat and electricity: This is one of the major drawbacks of the aluminium window. One has to be aware of these facts before installing them.
  • Prone to condensation: Condensation may occur very quickly on aluminium surface and thus, making it less favourable by some.
  • Corrosion: Just like any other metal surface, the aluminium windows are as susceptible to corrosion which may make them less appealing.

As seen above, are the major pros and cons of installing aluminium windows. Weight your options well before getting the set of windows for your home or office.