Do you want a manicured, formal garden, or an outdoor living area that is ideal for entertaining and enjoying your meals outdoors? The garden has become as much an outdoor room as a place to grow plants, trees, and other vegetation. Depending on how you best enjoy using your outdoor space you can benefit from the addition of numerous items including your garden furniture, a barbecue and cooking area, and ornaments and water features.

Decking is not to everybody’s tastes but if you like the natural look of wood or the industrial look of metal flooring then you can use decking areas to break the garden down into more usable areas. Create a decked area for sitting and eating or for entertaining. Not only can it create a unique look but it can also minimize the need to mow the lawn and tend your garden because good decking will require only minimal maintenance.

If you do not enjoy getting your hands dirty and rolling your sleeves up for some regular gardening work then you should look for low maintenance garden options. Decking is only one such alternative and you can also use gravel and other materials to replace grass and borders. If we have good irrigation system then we can grow more plants with new technique portland irrigation systems. Keep your plants in pots and you can still enjoy color without the difficulty of wedding the whole garden throughout the year.

If you have kids then you may want to create a separate playing area for them, away from your prized plants and favorite ornaments. You can add items like play houses, slides, and swings, as well as a grassed area that they can play in safely without too much fear of injury. Even smaller gardens can be broken down in this way although you will obviously have less room to play with when creating your design.

Consider how your garden will look and how it will be used throughout the year. Don’t fill your entire garden with summer flowering plants otherwise it will look stark and empty in the winter months. Use plants with plenty of foliage to help full gaps and consider how long it takes for such plants to grow.