They might just look like PVC blotches on your property, but the amount of problems that can occur in gutters is most definitely understated. This is one area of the house that can prompt countless other defects in separate regions, with some faulty gutters causing problems such as penetrating dampness or even subsidence.

Fortunately, proper maintenance can ensure such problems do not occur. Companies such as MAE Roofing are regularly sourced to cure defects before they get out of hand – as we’ll now take a look at some of the most common problems that can occur in your gutters.

Clogged Gutters

This is by far and away the most common problem, with many homeowners failing to recognise that their gutters require regular cleaning. The position of the gutter means that they are susceptible to everything that the elements throws at them and while this starts as rain, debris such as leaves and twigs can become lodged in the pipework and over time this can reach incomprehensible levels that cause major problems. In fact, if you don’t clear them for a significant period of time, it’s not been unheard of for them to become completely useless and for rainwater to have no set path to follow.

Fortunately, cleaning gutters is by no means a difficult task and most homeowners will complete it themselves. Admittedly, it’s not the most pleasant thing in the world, but for those that are really adverse to heights and mud there are specialist companies out there that will complete it for you for a small fee.


Another common issue is the basic leak, although this time it is very easy to rectify and you can probably achieve it yourself – armed with some caulk. It goes without saying that leaks can be hugely detrimental to a property and as we explored in the opening paragraph, issues such as penetrating dampness can occur as water starts to flow through the hole in the gutter, and splashes against the wall of the house.

Structurally Damaged Gutters

This is a problem that generally only occurs on older houses, where the fittings have deteriorated and caused the gutters to break away from the property. It goes without saying that there are plenty of problems that can occur because of this, with the house basically surviving without any functioning gutter. Fortunately, it’s again very easy to resolve and by purchasing a new set of hangers, you will be able to erect your gutter back to its former position.

Poor Downspout Workmanship

Poor workmanship is the cause of numerous gutter problems, although most defects are related to the slope of the gutter. It goes without saying that if the gutter is not pitched accordingly, water will not find its way to the downspouts which will then dispense it into the drains. The general rule is about 0.25 inches for every ten feet of the gutter, although there are videos which will tell you exactly how to rectify this problem and prevent standing water from clogging up your pipework.