If your home is bursting at the seams, chances are you’re looking for commercial storage in Lakeland FL. Looking for the right storage unit requires more than what is cheap and closest to your home, so when you’re looking for that storage unit, keep theses points in mind.

How Reputable is the Storage Facility Owners?

This isn’t just junk you’re storing, but your prized possessions. It makes no sense to store them in a place where you’re likely to have them damaged or robbed. So, when you look for commercial storage in Lakeland FL, do your homework and  look over reviews about the places you are considering. Yelp and Angie’s List are two possible places to check to see how satisfied people in your area are with the storage facility you’re considering.

Is there Enough Security to Store Your Items Safely?

These are your possessions. It does no good storing them in a facility that doesn’t have good security, including cameras, a gate with a special key to open it, excellent lighting, and attendants. You don’t want to find out that grandma’s china got stolen or destroyed when you come to get your holiday ornaments.

Do You Need a Controlled Environment?

Some items are particularly temperature or humidity sensitive. When looking for commercial storage in Lakeland FL, it’s probably a good idea to consider whether your belongings will succumb to mold, mildew, heat, or other environmental factors. If there’s a concern, it’s best to consider a climate controlled unit rather than a unit that is more garage like and opens to the outside.

Is the Place Clean and Free of Pests?

The storage unit may have terrific security, but if it is dirty and has critters hanging out, they can be just as bad as a burglar. You don’t need your clothes chewed up by rodents or moths, and you certainly don’t need a nest in your furniture. Look for commercial storage in Lakeland FL that is clean and free from pests.

How Big of a Unit do You Need?

Sure, you need a unit to have a big enough unit for your stuff, but do you have a unit that is big enough for you to walk in and retrieve the items you want? You should plan on passage ways big enough so you don’t have to take everything out just to get at something you need. So, if you think you have 100 square feet of stuff, you need to plan on a space of at least 120 square feet. Guaranteed, you’ll discover you need more room than you think, so go bigger, if you can.

Find Out What Happens if You’re Late on a Payment

Nobody plans to be late on payments, but sometimes it happens. Look over the contract to be certain that your stuff doesn’t end up in auction if you’re late on a payment. Rental units aren’t like apartments – some don’t have a grace period. Be sure you understand the contract thoroughly. Otherwise, you might not be happy with the outcome.