The washer and dryer you had for what seems like an eternity have died. You don’t even know where to look for one, what is a good brand, what features are the latest and greatest? What are the prices like? Do I need a combination washer/dryer? How much laundry will I be doing in years to come? There are many sources to check for washers and dryers for sale in York, PA.

One of the best performing front loading washers is the Kenmore Elite 5.2 cu. ft. Front Load Washer 41073. Tops in energy efficiency and user friendly with blue digital display, soft touch buttons and easy grip knobs. A feature called Acela Wash uses twin spray water and detergent injections to reduce cycle length and maintain cleaning performance. Features worth noting are settings for heavily soiled fabrics, cold water options to save energy, wrinkle prevention and delay start. Available at Sears $1049.99

Among the top loader washers, the Maytag 4.8 cu. ft. Brave XL HE Top Load Washer with Steam #MVWB980BG . It’s reported to have the best combination of being gentle on clothes and cleaning performance. An excellent added feature is the Clean Washer Reminder, which sets off a light to remind you to the clean the machine after 30 loads. It also includes cycle and temperature control options . Available at Home Depot $1248.00

Moving on to dryers, one of the most top rated is the Samsung DV457EVGS . Along with being energy efficient and boasting innovative technology, you can monitor the settings from your smart phone. You can program the cycle, temperature and start/stop times. This dryer also uses 36% less electricity than convention models. While the extra smart features make it higher priced, the money you save on your energy bills make it great value. Available at Home Depot. $1, 079.00

For a mid range electric dryer, the LG Steam Dryer DLEY1201V is considered one of the best. Despite being compact, it manages to dry large loads and has 12 cycles like bulky and delicates.

If you are short on space and desire a combination washer/dryer one of the best is LG WM3997HWA washer/dryer combo. Loaded with numerous cycles and convenient for storing in a closet. It’s much taller than other models but the width and length only add a few inches. This unit has 14 washer settings. One of the only washers that allow you to adjust the soil level so you can be exact about the energy and water used. One cycle that stands out compared to other models is the sanitizer. The company claims this will remove 99.9 percent of germs.

Unlike other washer/dryer combos, this model has several different drying cycles. It is also possible to control the temperature. Available at JC Penney for $1, 899.00.

There are many options as you shop for washers and dryers for sale in York, PA. Best wishes for many successful loads of laundry.