Enhancing the majesty of your drawing room with exclusive furniture items or the striking lawn with costly garden chairs and upholstery fixtures surely boasts your status and taste, but doesn’t talk on your intellect or insight unless they’re covered by furniture protection plans. None can stop common accidents from happening, but yes, one can protect his worthy furniture from small scratches to big damages with great protection plans of Guardian Protection Products Inc. Whether it’s a stain, tear or rip or even breakage, you can stay assured that, whatever you invest is covered. So, as you buy car insurance, why not think of caring the furnishings where you invest suitably? With Guardian’s protection plans, no more moisture rings, leakage of ball pen or pet discharged fluid can cause you disturbing at all times.   

Guardian Protection Products Inc. is a globally renowned producer for exclusive class of furniture protection items while the group’s specialty area is its wide-ranging fantastic furniture protection plans. Incepted in 1977, the dynamic group is heading for providing its valued clients with the highest category of solutions for furniture protection services through its far-reaching and thick distributor and retailer network. Therefore, once you invest in Guardian’s furniture protection plans and get registered, you virtually attain immense peace of mind because now onward your loving and most precious furniture collections are protected.

Having been prepared with premium quality furniture protection products, the trained service technicians, every outlet of Guardian group is positive to take care of all unintentional defects of your insured furnishings, how critical the blot is! With its great research force and manpower the group is prepared to offer you solutions to save all furnishing items ranging from Wood to Fabric and Leather goods to Mattresses.

Regardless of whether its outdoor furniture or an indoor one, from your costly upholsters drawing room fixtures to traditionally polished living room furniture or well-cushioned lawn chairs all are extremely prone to all kinds of unintended stains and injuries. So, the best choice is to contact your nearest Guardian Protection Products outlet and buy a comprehensive plan and protect all your valued furniture from all possible damages that make them unsightly.  

Guardian’s Furniture Protection Plans   

  • Any sorts of stain and scar on furniture made of wood, fabric, leather or in combination commonly happen due to falling of beverage, foodstuff or body fluid from pet or human body;  
  • Unintentional mark or blemish caused by marker pen, grass-dirt, lubricant or pastel color, grass-dirt or pastel oil color; stains from suntan oil, lotion or cosmetic products;  
  • Moisture stains/rings, heat marks, scratch on wood or marble; burns, cuts, rips, tears or puncture on fabric or leather upholstery;
  • Dirt or mud stains; grass and downpour stains;  
  • Rupture of mirror or table top glasses;

Guardian’s Furniture Protection Products

Prepared with most up-to-date manufacturing and research unit, qualified researchers and able chemists Guardian Protection Products, aims to supply top rated furniture care products to its millions of customers. Produced in compliance with US based research outcome, all furniture care produces from the house of Guardian are free from all kinds of harsh chemicals, bleach and solvents. All its products are proved safe, harmless and 100% protective to fabric, wood, vinyl, micro-fiber items, and glass or leather items.