Your house is more than a place to sleep, eat, and store your possessions. It’s your sanctuary from the rest of the world, and that means you expect to feel safe and secure there. If you’ve ever had a break-in, you know how violated it makes you feel. Many people immediately increase their home security after that, but why wait for such a traumatic event to happen?

Adding a gated fence to your property is one way to increase security while also protecting your children and pets by keeping them within your yard. There are a number of different types of fences and, likewise, numerous types of gates you can have installed. Here are some of your gate options.

Pedestrian Gates

This is the most common type of gate for a fenced-in backyard. The gate can be hung on a durable frame that will continue to hold it in place even after repeated use. These gates can also be used with fencing around swimming pools because they comply with all the necessary requirements. There are a number of different types of pedestrian and general access gates, including some with locks. For example, your pedestrian gate may have push-button access, or it may use a lock and key that allows utility servicers access with their service key.

You can upgrade many pedestrian aluminium gates in Perth with more advanced features, too. For example, you can add a keypad that will not allow access unless the correct passcode is entered. Another option is an electric strike latch. This latch can be released from inside your home so you can let people in without ever going out to the gate.

Driveway Gates

While protecting your backyard is important, it doesn’t secure your entire property. For that, you need a fence that encloses the entire area. This does leave you with the need for a gate large enough for your vehicle. Fortunately, there are a number of larger access gates that can easily accommodate cars, trailers, and other large vehicles. Like pedestrian gates, these gates can be installed with a number of different options. Some swing inward on hinges, although due to their size, this setup doesn’t always work in the available space. In that case, a gate that uses a sliding track is often a better fit. The motor can be powered by a battery or by a solar panel.

Few people want to get out of their vehicles to open their driveway gates, which is why many of these large gates are motorised. They can be opened via a remote control or from your smartphone. This option is also much safer for you, especially if you’re returning home after dark. Some systems can also be wired to be opened from within your home. These systems may come with an intercom or even a two-way video system so you know who is waiting at the gate before you allow them to come in. This is the safest option for those who want to add the strongest security to their homes.