Feature walls are gaining a lot of traction among homeowners from all over the globe since it provides a lot of room for someone to play around with patterns and colours. It is one of the easiest ways one can implement to make a dull looking space appear lively. The best part, it doesn’t cost much especially when one gets in touch with a provider of exterior feature walls services and selects a cost-efficient material.

Feature walls alongside paving services is a great way to make sure your home looks appealing for years to come without bleeding your bank accounts dry. That being said before you start planning about having a feature wall in your property makes sure that you are aware of a few crucial things.

Let’s take a look at those in the sections that follow now, shall we!?

The location of the feature wall should be perfect as per the overall layout of your property

The location of an exterior feature wall is very important. Often people fail to select the ideal location for the feature walls on their property that, in the end, fails to deliver the desired results. One should choose a location based on the outdoor amenities/facilities one has in their property, their individual preferences as well as the overall layout of their property.

Here is a glossary of possible locations that can prove to be ideal for an exterior feature wall in your property:

  • Alongside a pool
  • The backdrop of a fountain
  • As a backdrop of a raised deck or patio
  • The exterior wall of an outdoor barbeque section

Selecting the appropriate substrate and paint will increase the life of the feature wall

Always make sure that the substrate your feature wall service provider is choosing is of top quality. It is the only thing that will keep the material of the feature wall intact. On top of that, the paint used on the feature wall should also be weatherproof.

Make sure the material you have selected for the feature wall is suitable for the location

Exterior feature walls need to be resilient enough to make sure it stands tall even in the wake of harsh weather conditions. Be it rain, hail, snow or extreme heat, your exterior feature wall(s) should be strong enough to withstand the elements. On top of that, based on the location of the wall, you need to make sure that it is shielded against elements like chemicals (in case it is next to a pool), mould, pollutants as well as dirt.

As per expert recommendations, the best material that is both pocket-friendly and will last for years to come, without the need for periodic preventive maintenance is natural stone. Word to the wise – make sure that the material is properly sealed for best results.

One of the most important factors that can either make or break your decision of having exterior feature walls in your property is whether the walls are in balance with the landscape as well as the architecture of the building. Achieving visual cohesion is the name of the game and the best step forward is to take your time and plan accordingly. Ask for assistance from professionals so that the tone you have selected for the feature wall is similar to the rest of the property. For instance, establishing a balance between the overall theme of your garden and your exterior feature wall could prove to be just the right step at the end of the day.