At Hide Rugs, many of our customers are curious to know why our shop sources its cowhides from Brazil, rather than from other nations. Well, we opt to use Brazilian cowhide for multiple reasons. But, all of them come down to the fact that cowhide from Brazil is simply better. Being seasoned experts on animal hide rugs, we believe Brazilian cowhides have higher quality. Additionally, the producers handle them with better care and have hides have more versatility in comparison to those from other areas.

Below are the reasons why cowhides from Brazil are better:

Available in Many Varieties 

Some nations usually produce fully homogenous cowhides. That implies have cowhides that look identical. However, Brazilian cowhides have more varieties. The range of colours and markings allow us to offer customers premium items. No two of our clients ever purchase the same exact cowhide item. Rather every client receives something that’s completely unique.

Better Quality

Cowhides coming from Brazil are of a higher quality, making it easier to work with them. Not only is a quality cowhide gorgeous on its surface, but it also possesses integrity for easy manipulation into different products. In addition to the beauty and wider variety, the quality enables us to offer many products at pocket-friendly price tags.

Reliable Methods of Production

The production methods used for the Brazil cowhides are excellent and dependable. In some other regions, the cows reared for hide use are also kept for food production. So, the cattle grow up in the same old squeezed spaces and are usually not fed properly. On the contrary, the rearing, upbringing and production tactics of Brazil hides are better, leading to exceptional quality.

More Options

Not many animal skin retailers offer materials from Brazil. That’s simply because the prints and shades are less mainstream in comparison to what ordinary shoppers are accustomed to. While some shoppers may picture cowhides as something else, when they view Brazil cowhides, many of them are attracted to them. That’s because such cowhides offer a wider range of options.

The ordinary black and white speckles that many picture might only stylistically match few living spaces. With Brazil cowhides, however, you have way more than simply black and white. You can find browns, spots, and brindles, just to name a few. If you are seeking a unique hide for your room, purchasing cowhides coming from Brazil is an ideal choice.

Higher Durability

One of the hugest advantages of Brazil cowhide is its durability. The cows from that country are stronger, thus their hide is in a better position to withstand tanning and processing. Many cowhides from different nations lose their quality during the process of tanning. However, the strains from Brazil have outstanding longevity.

That allows us to make rugs and other products that are more long-lasting for indoor use. For cowhide rugs, the aim should be to buy products that can last for tens of years. The last thing you want is to buy cowhide items that will lose their appeal and functionality quickly.

Hide Rugs is your one stop shop for long-lasting, functional, and top-notch quality cowhide rugs and accessories made using Brazilian strains. We offer an outstanding collection of black, white, speckled, exotic, metallic, animal print, patchwork, and grey cowhides.