Carpeting is always preferred and actually become favorable recently to everyone,as aside from the aptitude adding warmth your feet it gives the feeling of welcoming to your guests.Not only that but there has been a big push to embrace green and eco-friendly furnishing and Coir Carpet in this regards can definitely be the one for you by reducing your overall environmental footprint. One of the great things regarding is coir carpet is, there is a range of manufacturers offering a wide variety of such eco-friendly flooring option online; hence you can buy the one you like even within the comfort of your home.

Coir carpet is all about style & strength, and hasbeaten such synthetic floor coveringswith its naturalistic features like durability, eco-friendliness, bio-degradability and pleasant appearance.Infactit has a natural look which makes it perfect for you. It can also be dyed in a number of different colors. This is an aspect made from natural and renewable material called coir, coconut plant fibers, rather than synthetic materials like nylon. Coir actually is the fiber extracted from coconut husks and the husks are soaked in water for several months before long fibers are extracted and spun.

When you go with coir carpet, you may have a warm and friendly look for your rooms. Such carpeting can definitely be a durable and the most inexpensive way to achieve a natural, country look with a rustic feel. Infact, it is recommended often for heavy domestic and medium contract situations.

Remunerates that you may have with Coir Carpet:


  1. As already mentioned, coir is produced from the coconut husks therefore requires little effort or energy to being yet is very hardwearing and suitable forall over the house, good with muddy boots also.
  2. Best suited to allergens as it is hundred percent natural and environment friendly.
  3. Coir carpet is very resistant to wear & tear, and can say very durable, accordingly makes an ideal choice for flooring, especially in areas that receive high foot traffic.
  4. Such carpeting is 100% biodegradable, consequently after being used as for years it won’t spend eternity taking up space in a landfill.
  5. Carpet made up with coir is in essence a natural creation with an expected rustic look, that’s why processed minimally; unlike such synthetic flooring having a number of chemicals added during their creation.
  6. The best characteristic that make it perfect for your home is its insect repellant featurealong with great insulation properties, specifically in regards noise cancellation.

A number of people are moving towards coir carpets since they are concernedregarding the environment and their loved ones similarly. If you also the one and have decided to bringing the same to your homethen go with coir carpet, woven from the coconut turned to yarn and is ready to add beauty with elegance plus a natural touch to your home.

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