For a long time, automated garage doors were seen by many as being the preserve of people who weren’t short of a bob or two. Indeed, it is fair to say that very few properties outside of the leafy enclaves of the Home Counties were likely to have these expensive ‘luxuries’ fitted when they first came on to the scene back in the 1980s.

However, much like mobile phones and flat screen televisions, these expensive luxuries have now become quite commonplace. To be sure, most passers-by don’t even look twice when they see a resident opening or closing an automated garage door these days.

So why are automatic garage doors now so common?

Well, aside from the fact prices have dropped massively over the last decade or so, the main reason automated garage doors are now so popular is that residents are far more aware of the many benefits they are able to provide.

Benefits such as:

Quiet convenience

It goes without saying that the idea of being able to drive in and out of the garage without having to get in and out of the car appeals greatly to most people. Certainly, the prospect of staying in a nice, heated vehicle and simply pressing a button to open/close a garage is far more preferable to mucking around with a standard door, especially when the weather is blowing a gale outside. Moreover the fact that the automation kits which power these doors run almost silently means residents – and their neighbours – can forget all about having to listen to the invariable ‘whoosh – bang!’ noises that are so characteristic of manual ‘up & over’ doors.

Personal safety

All garage doors are quite heavy beasts. However, whilst it is possible for absent minded residents to close a standard garage door on something or someone without looking, this is not something to be concerned about with electric garage doors. The reason for this is that most automated garage doors nowadays have integral sensors fitted which stop them from closing whenever some kind of obstruction is identified. Needless to say, this can be invaluable – and provide great peace of mind – to residents who have children, grandchildren or pets playing outside on a regular basis.

Energy efficiency

Some people talk themselves out of investing in an automated garage door because they fear powering an electric door opener will increase their household’s carbon footprint. The fact is, only a certain amount of energy is used whenever an electric garage door opener is engaged and, more often than not, the opener itself is only required to function for a maximum of 15 seconds at a time. Residents can also rest assured that electric garage door openers don’t consume any significant amounts of power when they are not in use.

So really, with so many benefits on offer, it is quite clear to see why automated garage doors are now so commonplace in Britain.