If asked the question ‘what are the most essential items in your home?’ most Londoners would more than likely name one or more of their home appliances. Indeed, it would be a fair assumption that ‘television’, ‘microwave’ and ‘computer’ would be the top answers if the makers of Family Fortunes were to ask 100 Londoners a question of this kind.

However, it would be fair to say that many people would answer this question quite differently if they had more than a few minutes to think about it. After all, while consumer electronics and home appliances are undoubtedly very important to most city dwellers in the twenty-first century, they are not as essential as some other, perhaps less obvious, property essentials.

Take drains for example.

Drains are truly essential as they carry waste products and effluents out of a house within moments of them being ‘ejected’. If a resident’s computer or television doesn’t work for a day or two then they can look forward to being mildly bored. However, if the drains on a person’s property stop working for even just a few hours, those inside can expect to experience significant inconvenience and pay out an emergency call-out fee to whatever drainage company in London is begged to come and make the smells go away!

This is a clear illustration of just how essential drains are. Unfortunately, it is normally the case that most Londoners don’t appreciate this fact whilst their drains are functioning normally; they only realise it when their drains get clogged up with grease, silt, and litter and start to create ‘issues’.

Clogging decreases the efficiency with which waste water and effluents can be expelled from a property. Over time, a build-up of grease, silt and litter can become such that waste water and effluents cannot be expelled at all (complete obstruction). When this happens the water within the blocked pipe backs up to its source; this could be anything from a kitchen sink or a toilet bowl to a washing machine outlet or a bath. Having an accumulation of water of this kind within a property can be very dangerous as it can cause flooding, which itself may lead to floors, furniture, wiring, and electrical equipment becoming irreparably damaged. Needless to say, this can pose a significant risk to residents’ personal safety and will more than likely require an emergency visit from a London drainage company (and perhaps even the fire and rescue service) to put right.

With all this in mind, it is clear to see why London residents need to do all they can to prevent sudden drain blockages from occurring in their homes. Whilst simple measures like flushing pipes through with hot water and not throwing unsuitable items down the sink/toilet can help to achieve this, it is a fact that taking advantage of regular drain cleaning services available from drainage companies in London is far and away the best way of ensuring these genuinely essential items remain in good working order.