Watching television has gone from a fairly passive activity to one that is more interactive thanks to smart TVs, streaming content, and other options that are available with digital high-definition television. However, there are still some people in Australia who have not yet upgraded to a digital antenna. These viewers are still using analogue signals to watch TV and may experience a number of issues due to the poor signal quality. If you’re still using this out-dated service, here are some reasons to update to a digital antenna.

Incredibly Clear Reception

Analog television signals are often pixelated or actually cause the picture or sound to break up or pause for several seconds. This is especially true if you live in a fairly rural area. This breaking up and low-quality can become frustrating, especially if it’s happening during your favourite television programme. Switching over to digital television will remove all of this frustration. The signal provides programming that is crisp and clear. You won’t have to worry about the visual or audio going out or pausing and the images will be in incredible high-definition.

More Channels for Free

Digital television also offers a number of additional over-the-air channels for free. You may find that you receive a dozen or more different channels that you didn’t when you used analogue, which will give you more viewing options. These channels are all available without subscribing to anything. All you need is a digital antenna in Mandurah. A professional installation service can have your digital antenna installed and functional within a few hours, so there’s no major install time or mess left around your home.

Have Your Television Professionally Mounted

In addition to installing your antenna, many installation services will also wall-mount your television and make certain everything is connected so that you can start watching your new, digital TV channels right away. They will inspect the area to make certain the wall can hold the television and that it’s within easy reach of the antenna connection and your other components, such as your Blu-ray or DVD player, surround sound speakers, or other home theatre equipment.

Once mounted, the installation expert can hook everything up so you don’t have to wrestle a bunch of cables around. The installer can even walk you through the entire process of accessing your new digital channels and switching over to your other input devices.

Finding and Repairing Faults

Your digital signal should never break up, drop off when you turn on another electrical device, or have any odd popping sound. Your television may even lose signal completely and display a message saying so. If you’ve noticed this happening, it may not be an issue with your antenna. Instead, you may have an electrical fault somewhere that needs to be repaired. Many installation companies also have the equipment needed to test your wiring and discovered where the problem is. Once they’ve found the fault, they can repair it so that your digital television will be back to being crystal clear.