If you’ve stepped into what you think is a steaming hot shower only to be hit with freezing cold water, you know how shocking it can be to find that your hot water system is not operating as it should. After you deal with your ice-cold shower, it’s time to figure out what’s wrong with your system. The first thing you’ll want to do is call a professional. You could take a look at your system yourself, but there are a few reasons why that’s a bad idea.

Hot Water Systems Are Complex

A hot water system is more complicated than you may think, and it can be hard to even pinpoint where the problem is. Your system may run on electricity or on gas, and it could be either an instantaneous system or one that uses a tank to store hot water until it’s needed. If you don’t even know which type of hot water system you have, you’re probably in no shape to try to do any repairs yourself. Even if you do know what your system is, you may not know enough about it to correctly diagnose the issue.

You See Rust Around the Bottom of the Tank

If you have a system with a storage tank and you can see rust around that area, you will probably have to have the tank replaced. That’s because the inner tank most likely has rusted as well, and that can lead to leaks and other issues. You’ll want to talk to a plumber about what electric and gas hot water systems in Perth price points are so you can see which fits your budget the best. Don’t forget to get the quote for installing the new tank and how much it will cost to dispose of the old parts of your water system.

You’re Not Getting Any Hot Water from the Taps

If this occurs, it could indicate one of a number of different problems, and you probably don’t have the tools to check for all of them. The problem could be in the part of the system that heats the water, in the pipes that deliver it to the taps, or even in the pipes that deliver the water to your home. Even if you can determine that you have a clog, you still have to have the tools to get rid of that clog.

You Find a Water Leak

Water leaks are nothing to mess around with. Even if you can get to a pipe and block up the leak or replace it, you may not know all the tricks a professional knows to ensure that the pipe is securely attached to the surrounding pipes. You also need to be able to determine what caused the leak to begin with. Was the pipe simply old, or was there something else to it? A professional will have the experience needed to determine why your pipes or, worse, your hot water system itself started to leak.