Designing a bathroom requires a huge amount of time and attention. It’s a room you’ll be spending a great deal of time in, getting ready for a morning at work and relaxing after a busy week, so it’s important you get it right if you want to be totally satisfied with the result. Once the major pieces of bathroom furniture have been decided upon it can be tempting to let everything else slip by the wayside, but that should never be the case—when it comes to bathroom design, it’s the details that count.

Your bathroom is nothing without the little details that bring everything together. Of course, getting the suite right will be a vital consideration, but if you don’t think about the smaller aspects of bathroom design you could fall at the final hurdle. Everything from the cabinets and storage options to the mirrors and taps can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the room, and if you want a sleek, coordinated result your bathroom accessories deserve just as much attention as anything else.

It’s all about being left with a bathroom that works on all levels, with a sense of style that flows throughout the room. The right accessories can go a long way to achieving that—something as simple as a poorly chosen tap can completely throw off the rest of the room, so always make sure you spend enough time considering the little details and you’ll be left with a bathroom that’s as beautiful as it is practical.