As we all know, moving houses is certainly a huge undertaking and most definitely a chore. Most of us dread it, especially if we have lived someplace a long time and we have accumulated a lot of stuff. It’s always surprising how quickly our junk can creep up on us. Who knew there would be so much stuff to move? It can be made a bit easier with some careful planning and organization. There are steps you can take to make moving much less of a hassle. We will start with the most simple.

You can begin getting ready to move by first getting rid of all your excess junk. Go room to room in your house, ridding yourself of anything you don’t love. A good rule of thumb for clothing is if you have not worn it in over a year, toss it. You will never miss it. The same goes for toys and kid’s stuff too. Magazines, old books, do you really need to keep all those? What about that snowglobe collection? Get rid of it. You can donate these items to charity or even make a few extra bucks having a garage sale. Whatever you do, get rid of some stuff. You’ll be glad you did when you have less to pack.

Next, grab a notebook. (You probably found some extras when you were cleaning, right?) Why do you need a notebook? Well, to organize your junk. What you’ll need to do is number every box you pack so that they will be easier to find in the end of the move. In the notebook, you’ll keep track of which box is which. This neat trick will also keep thieves from knowing which box is which, or which one has your valuables in it.

As you move into your new place, you can prepare yourself for lighter work in future moves too. Only bring into your new home items that you know you will use and love. Do not waste any of your new space with junk that you will only have to find a way to move later on. If you don’t need it or love it, don’t let it in your house. These steps will make moving so much easier. There will be less work to do getting ready to move and you will be glad you have less stuff to move and worry about.